Always seeking that our actions  

leave a green footprint on the road

Sustainability is one of the elements that are part of the unique style that characterizes Grupo Xcaret. We care about preserving the beauty of our natural places, ensuring the conservation of the environment, as well as the well-being of the people who work with us and those who visit us daily. We define sustainability as the balanced creation of economic, socio-cultural, and environmental value.  

Within our parks, we carry out various sustainable actions continually, ranging from caring for our animals, sharing the beauty and culture of Mexico with the world, and reducing the greatest amount of waste produced.  

We carry out several different actions, and we would like to share some of them with you. 

1.- Disposal of single-use plastics 

We have eliminated single-use plastics and encouraged the use of reusable containers in all our parks. This is possible due to the installation of a drinking water treatment plant that offers supply to our more than 8,500 coworkers and visitors. 

2.- Optimization of water and energy 

We develop different programs through which we optimize the use of water and energy, having the least impact on the generation of the carbon footprint. 

3.- Recycling 

All the waste generated in our facilities is strictly separated in order to recycle the largest amount of garbage that is sent to the sanitary landfill. 

4.- Turtle hospital 

We have a sea turtle hospital through which we rehabilitate stranded or injured turtles and after a recovery process, they are reintroduced to their natural habitat. 

5.- Animal welfare 

Every day, our group of animal experts makes sure to provide rigorous care to ensure the conservation of our species, working to the highest animal standards. 

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6.- Equal opportunities 

All of our vacancies are open to the public and we do not have discriminatory practices. In other words, we offer equal opportunities to collaborate with us. An example of this is our cast of elderly dancers, who day by day will make us fall in love with their strength and smiles in the traditional dance “la Danza de Los Viejitos” (dance of the old men) during the Xcaret México Espectacular presentation

7.- We love Mexico 

We share our love for Mexico with the world and we make sure that our guests and visitors admire our great culture. As an example of this, our uniforms are regional representations of various states of the Mexican Republic.


8.- Promotion of local trade 

We are concerned with promoting local trade, so our purchases as a company are made from Mexican suppliers, helping to activate the Mexican economy. 

Promotion of local trade xcaret

9.- We share our traditions with the world 

We like to share with you our culinary traditions and the importance of our roots. That is why at the Mayan Village you can see how our traditional tortillas are made from our ancestral corn. You can also try delicious sweet bread and make your own chocolate. 

10.- We educate the little ones 

Every day, a group of children from different communities visits us to take a tour of our facilities, learn about the fauna and flora we have. Thanks to this, we are able to promote development for sustainable education. 

These are some of the sustainable actions that we carry out daily at Grupo Xcaret through which we like to share our love and commitment to the well-being of Mexico, the environment, and the people. We love being able to share these actions with you so that you can learn a little more about the activities that we carry out continuously and so that the next time you visit us, you rest assured that you are contributing to the conservation of the environment and our world. 

Would you like to have more information about any of these sustainable actions? 

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