Reasons why we must unite against marine pollution

Let’s protect the ocean!

Beaches play an essential role in our life. Besides offering a large number of recreational opportunities, they also provide habitats for a variety of flora and fauna. They protect the residents who live nearby the ocean, they help cushion the strong winds and the heavy swell that are created by storms. Similarly, they promote economic activity, especially here in the Yucatán Peninsula, they are an important income source for the closest communities. Having said this, we will give you 10 pieces of advice to avoid marine pollution…

But before, you need to see 40 seconds of Quintana Roo’s amazing nature

1. Understand the beach is a shared space

To begin this challenge we need to program our mentality with what it is. A place for everyone, a home. So we have to respect the place we share with everybody, not treat it like garbage. Even less when it is a natural beauty that helps us subsist.

2. Deposit every waste into the established place

In some public spaces, garbage is divided, which is positive because it encourages people to recycle. Make sure that it is the right trash can where you throw your garbage. The organic are food, paper and what it’s easier to deteriorate, the inorganic are plastics, cans and harder materials to degrade.

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3. Use as preferred bags made out of fabric to carry beverages or food

If you are about to consume at the beach, try your best to take something from home, fruit or eating in a Tupper, so this way you won’t spend money at the store, and you will create less waste. Another worldwide problem is plastic bags, so if you are doing grocery shopping,  it will suit you well to carry your fabric bags, and this way you will reduce the plastic use and the planet will thank you later.

4. When you eat fruits or dry fruits don’t throw away the shell

We know they are organic but what’s the point if you keep throwing waste to the ground? Don’t. Deposit them in a napkin and then put it in the organic trashcan.

5. Don’t throw away your cigarette end

If you are a smoker, you can ask for a beach ashtray at the tourism office. Remember to always pick up your cigarette end, the sand is not a public ashtray!

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6. If you have a dog pick up his necessities

Remember they can’t access to the bathroom zone, nor green areas, try to make him go in a region a little apart from the public and when you pick them up to take them to the garbage.

7. Do not use plastic bottles

If you plan on taking water at the beach, I suggest you buy a themo that will last you longer, the plastic consumption must end, it is one of the materials that take longer to deteriorate…

8. Never pour any kind of liquid at the ocean

Most of the people do not even know the harm it causes to the marine environment with beauty products such as sunscreens, sunblock, makeup, exfoliating, shampoo, conditioner, etc. most of these products contain inorganic ingredients that liberate nitrogen, phosphor, and silicon and at being thrown away they will provoke seaweed growth, making the water less productive. So buy natural products, biodegradable and organic, they may be less economic but believe me, the Earth and your body will thank you

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9. Don’t touch any animal or plant

If you love scuba diving, you will know it is better not to reach or take with you any coral as a souvenir. We need to respect them, let them live. They are part of an ecosystem, let’s not destroy it!

10. Pass it on

If you are going with a group of friends, tell them that it is everybody’s responsibility, wake up their consciousness. Be the example because not everyone is aware of their own mistakes…

If we don’t act soon, these are the consequences

All pictures were taken by Romain Lhuillier.

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