5 Reasons why we all need the ocean to live

August 22, 2016

Taking care of the ocean is not an option

it’s our responsibility 

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town near the beach, or in a big city in the center of the country, we all need the wonders of the ocean to live. Read and discover five (great) reasons why we should care for it.

1.- The ocean makes up 71% of the land surface

It’s the place where great natural phenomena -that govern life on our planet- occur.

2.- 97% of the planet’s water is in the ocean

And not only saltwater! A great amount of the freshwater we consume comes from the ocean: thanks to evaporation, in which water vapor condenses into clouds and falls to earth as rain; rivers, lakes, and aquifers are recharged.

3.- The ocean acts as the maximum climate regulator on the Planet

It is the surface where most part of the light and heat, provided by the sun, is reflected and absorbed, that’s why we say it acts as the maximum weather regulator in the planet. Through its waters and sea currents, it carries the heat received in the equatorial region to polar regions, providing them with warm weather.

4.- It helps reduce global warming

The rich biodiversity of the ocean depends on microscopic organisms: phytoplankton. They are found in high concentrations in the ocean and carry out photosynthesis to obtain their nutrients, so these microorganisms capture CO2, carbon dioxide: the main greenhouse gas that accelerates global warming. Phytoplankton capture between 30% and 50% of atmospheric CO2 produced by burning fuels.

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5.- It is an important source of food for humans

Most of the proteins we consume are obtained from the ocean. Each year, 70 to 75 million tons of fish are caught. However, much of the populations of fish and other organisms that act as a food source, are over-exploited.

These reasons are more than enough to raise awareness and start to take action for the health of our oceans.

Share the blog and tell us, what actions do you think we can do to take care of the ocean?

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