Start Traveling Green

30 simple actions every green traveler does


Travel can expand our minds and promote intercultural understanding. Unfortunately, travel can also do a number on Mother Earth.




Before travelling


1.- Close well all faucets.

2.- Unplug all electricity appliances.

3.- Cut the gas temporarily.

4.- Investigate and pre-book your activities online.






5.- Whenever you have the option, travel the cities walking.

6.- If you can’t walk, use a bike.

7.- If you can’t ride a bike, hop on the subway, the bus or the train.

8.- If you plan to rent a car, try it to be a hybrid.

9.- If you need to hire a driver, seek to share the vehicle.






10.- Hire alternative accommodation: share a house with someone through Airbnb.

11.- If you are going to stay in a hotel, try an ecological and with sustainable practices one.

12.- Turn on the air conditioner as little as possible, use fans instead.

13.- Avoid using the hair dryer.

14.- Turn off all lights when leaving the room.

15.- Contribute to towel-wash reduction programs.






16.- Bring a reusable water bottle.

17.- Try to eat meals with local ingredients.

18.- Go to local markets and consume the craftsmen’s products.

19.- Avoid eating products with packaging that end up being an inorganic waste.

20.- Don’t use straws.




Other actions


21.- If you need to see a brochure about the destination or an activity, return it after you finish reading it to avoid wasting paper.

22.- Try to save the power of your mobile devices, how? configuring them to use less energy, using solar chargers, and while not using them, turning them off completely.

23.- Don’t throw trash on the street.In case you can’t find a trashcan nearby, always carry a bag to place your waste and then throw it in the right place.

24.- When buying souvenirs, try to do it in local shops and craft stores.

25.- Separate your trash like you would at home.




26.- If you travel to a beach destination, use biodegradable and chemical-free sunscreen.

27.- Choose an ethical tour operator which gives back the profits to support local development.

28.- Leave nature in its place, avoid touching and more taking shells and pieces of coral with you.

29.- Avoid buying objects made as a result of illegal hunting, such as ivory or certain types of animal fur materials.

30.- Avoid asking for plastic bags for your purchases, better carry with you a backpack for storage.


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Individually, one person taking these baby steps to going green might not seem to make much of an impact. But if we all take simple strides towards being more conscious of our impact on the planet, collectively we can make a world of difference.


Do you have more tips to be a responsible traveler? Leave us a comment below.