We are a sustainable  and socially responsible tourism company.


As part of World Water Day, Xel-Ha received the EarthCheck Gold certification from the hands of the representative in Mexico and Latin America, Erica Lobos, which established Xel-Ha as the first tourist park in the world to receive such recognition. The badge was received by the Executive Director of Xel-Ha, Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras, and Vice President of Experiencias Xcaret, Carlos Constandse, in the presence of Ludivina Menchaca, Federal Delegate of Profepa in Quintana Roo.

But what exactly does being EarthCheck Gold means?



First things first, EarthCheck is an international certification program for tourism businesses who promotes best environmental and social practices. Within its structure, it evaluates 10 specific lines of action:

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Efficient Water Measures
  4. Ecosystem Conservation
  5. Social and Cultural Issues
  6. Administrative Land Use Planning
  7. Protection of Air Quality and Noise Control
  8. Wastewater Management
  9. Solid Waste Management
  10. Storage of Substances Harmful to the Environment 




In 2009,  Xel -Ha received the EarthCheck Certification for operating under a sophisticated and efficient environmental management system, becoming the first park in the world to receive this International Certification of Sustainable Tourism, the  most recognized  sustainability acknowledgment in the world.

Learn more about the sustainability actions that are performed every day in this Natural Wonder: 

  • Since 2007, Xel -Ha has had an excellent performance in energy consumption with 10% efficiency; 13,700 (MJ) above the global average of 15,000 (MJ).
  • Xel -Ha emits an average of 0.9 tons of CO2 per visitor per year , while the world average is 1.5 tons.
  • In matters of water conservation, Xel-Ha received an acknowledgement for best practices in its integral water management system for being 30 points above the world average; this is due to the revision of its facilities, the use of low-flow toilets, the use of 100% recycled water for gardening and limited accessories for water flow.




  • Regarding solid waste management, tourism companies spend 2 kilos per visitor to sanitary landfill, while Xel-Ha produces 400 grams per visitor. This has been achieved with an appropriate solid waste management program. This is considered one of our best practices because we recycle more than 80% of our solid waste, while the world average is recyclng 50%.
  • As sustainability is an integral model between environmental and community subjects, the Chemuyil City health, education, urban image and green community programs have been considered as one of Xel-Ha’s best practices. 




  • Year after year, Xel-Ha invests in sustainability programs, buys local products and trains its staff on environmental care and preservation subjects. This actions have given as a result that EarthCheck considers them as one of the best practices by international standards in communication, education and training of responsible public. 
  • Another program in which Xel-Ha has exceeded expectations is in the percentage of habitat conservation. The world average is 20% in tourism enterprises, while Xel-Ha retains 75% of its habitat through the Rescue, Reproduction and Reforestation of Native Plants Program, which started operating in 2000. 




Finally, it is important to mention that Xel-Ha hasn’t stopped only at the standards set forth by EarthCheck, but also excels in the conservation of endangered species like sea turtles, the queen conch integral program and the school visits participating in the Environmental Education Program in the state of Quintana Roo.

In addition, our visitors participate in the Chemical-Free Sunblock Program which has been operating since 1997. This program has earned our provider Batab’s Health Care a recognition by the Mexico Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) as part of our program Manager Value Chain.

With these actions, the Natural Wonder seeks to inspire all its staff, visitors, residents of the Riviera Maya and everyone in general to join the cause and help us conserve the environment to continue to have life in this planet we all love.

Will you join us?