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DIY ideas for home

We can’t help loving autumn. Admiring the beautiful brown and orange colors of trees and amazing sunsets is one of our favorite hobbies, but with these great landscapes come great problems: fallen leaves all over our gardens all the time. We decided not to worry about that anymore and look on the bright side instead: reuse them and create cozy decor for our home!

See 4 easy ways to reuse fallen leaves for home decor here:


1.-Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder



This simple but fancy candle holder will enlighten your living room during autumn. One of the best things about this DIY project is that you can do it with different kinds of fallen leaves, the result: original, useful and unique seasonal decor for your home. See the full process here.


2.- Fall Leaves Bowl



There’s always space for a nice bowl at home, isn’t it? You can either use it to offer some candy to your guests at the center table, or to place your keys and coins when arriving home. Create this Fall Leaves Bowl in five simple steps, see the full process here.


3.- Leaf prints



If you are feeling a little more artistic, this DIY decor idea is perfect for you. One of the benefits of the fallen leaves is that most of them have beautiful shapes. If you apply some paint (of any kind) to it, you can use it as a stamp and create amazing patterns. Let your imagination and creativity flow with these easy but artistic project, learn the full process here.


4.- Fall simmering pot recipe



Simmering pot recipes are “the thing” this year. They are a very simple way to scent your home with natural ingredients, avoiding the chemicals of sprays and artificial fragrances. To make it a bit more decorative, we recommend adding dry leaves of different colors and shapes inside. See the full process here.


We know it’s not Christmas yet, but autumn is also a great season to decorate your home! Let us know if you did one of these DIY projects and if you have other ideas, please share them with us in a comment.