Tips to know which beaches in the Riviera Maya currently have sargassum

August 13, 2019

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Learn to investigate where there is ssargassum

The key to enjoying the beaches during your vacation in the Riviera Maya is to know where to go. While everything is beautiful, but it is not a secret that there are some beaches where sargassum usually arrives than in others.

During the planning process of your trip it is important that you consult reliable sources of information about the place you are going, especially if there is something that has generated so much interest and news, such as in this case; the arrival of sargassum in Cancun, Riviera Maya and in general all the Caribbean destinations.


Surely you have seen somewhat alarming photos of this species of macroalgae floating on the beaches that make you believe that this is how the whole Caribbean is currently, but it’s not all like this. While it is real that the sargassum increases faster than normal in hot seasons, it depends on the sea currents where it will reach.

We cannot deny that there are days when the sargassum arrives in large quantities, but this is not distributed equally to all the beaches. In short, there is no correct answer to the question we all want to know, which is “on which beaches are there sargassum?”, Since this varies day by day. What we can do is provide you with a guide with tips for you to consult yourself.

8 Tips to know in which beaches there is sargassum 

1.- Check with your service providers

If you booked through a travel agency, the easiest way to find out at the time of the situations that the beaches of your destination present is by communicating directly with your provider.

They have the responsibility to inform you with transparency about the current situation of the area in which the hotel, tour or park you reserved is located.

Important: as we mentioned before, the sargassum does not arrive in the same way every day. If they tell you that there isn’t any and you arrive a week later and see a little, it is normal, they are not lying to you.

2.- Follow the daily monitoring pages

One of the best tools we have to be aware of the situations that happen around the world are social networks. There are pages on Facebook and Instagram accounts that are 100% dedicated to providing complete and real information about the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

They work to inform with transparency by constantly uploading what different parts of the destination look like at the moment. If you have questions about a specific place, do not hesitate to ask.


Here are two daily monitoring pages for you to follow:

3.- Check the correct hashtags on Instagram and Twitter

The tags, or hashtags, as they are commonly known are a good way to investigate on which beaches of the destination there is currently sargassum at, because it is the same travelers who upload those photos and videos. Through hashtags you can find content on the social networks of the places you want to go, without having to follow a specific account.


There are always tourists and local people who are visiting that beach the day you want to go, so it is an easy way to get informed. If you go to a beach, also upload a photo with these hashtags so that other people who are about to go can see their current status.

Most used hashtags on Instagram:







Most used hashtags on Twitter:




4.- Watch videos on YouTube

Many of the youtubers enjoy getting away around our beaches documenting absolutely everything; be it good or bad.

Search for recent video posts (it is important to look at the dates of publication), so you can have peace of mind that the beaches will be free of sargassum or not, keep in mind that there will be videos that were recorded days before publication and there might be very few who have daily monitoring of the beaches.


5.- Read blogs & articles

On the internet, you can find some blogs that provide useful information and tell you the truth about the sargassum situation. Try to read blogs that convey confidence and avoid news sites that publish yellow journalism.

Vaya a Google y busque las palabras clave correctas. Esto es esencial para que pueda encontrar información específica. Por ejemplo, poner “Sargazo en el Caribe mexicano' arrojará páginas y blogs que incluyen las dos palabras clave “Sargazo' y “Caribe mexicano' que lo ayudarán a encontrar más información rápidamente.  


6.- Talk with locals

If you have friends or family who live in the destination, they can give you real information. Don’t hesitate to communicate with them, they will surely know everything about which are the beaches where there is sargassum and which beaches do not have it, and if they do not know, they could easily visit a nearby beach for a nice getaway (the perfect excuse to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Caribbean).

7.-Traditional media

There are mass media such as television, radio, and newspapers, which are sources of information that are constantly updated as it is a topic of global interest and is worrying for the ecosystem.

8.- Webcams if México

Webcams of México is a monitoring page that broadcasts live 24 hours a day, sharing and promoting the beauty of México.

There you can observe and consult the places you want to visit in more detail.

If you are already at the destination, do not get frustrated and enjoy:

There are water activities that you can enjoy in Cancun and Riviera Maya, here are some blogs where you can find more information

Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the little things in life. 

The Mexican Caribbean is more than just sun, sea, beach and sand, there are dozens of activities and places to visit, as well as parks, shows, nature reserves, lagoons, restaurants, city walks, etc. Do not limit your vacation to one thing.

Extra: Don’t forget to take care of our beaches, visit them clean, leave them as clean as you found them.

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