Behind the scenes of a great conservation and care plan

The flora and fauna that we are able to see along all corners of Xcaret Park is always a great reason to return over and over again. During your visit, you’ll walk among bromeliads, butterflies, different birds, have a parade with flamingos, learn about the underwater world of reefs, say hi to sea turtles, and more.

To keep all these specimens healthy and strong, there is huge labor and strategy behind, specially designed by experts. Learn about the cares for specimens in Xcaret and Xel-Há, even when there are no visitors!

Xcaret species care

Did you know that Xcaret’s specimens are super pampered?  

That’s right, this is a continuous workforce, happening every day of the week, even when the parks cannot receive guests. Thanks to the commitment that Group Xcaret shares with every specialist and veterinary doctor towards preserving one of the many treasures that Mexico has, biodiversity in all its forms.

Xcaret species care

During a contingency situation in which the Xcaret operation has to be modified, all our tree climbers, our feathered friends, the four-legged and aquatic ones, really have nothing to worry about. The necessary care and their well-balanced diet are guaranteed every day with no exception. 

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The only difference in these situations is the team up in emergency brigades. During them, the technical teams and specialists organize the tasks for the mobilization and conservation of all the specimens. With these brigades, they ensure that 24 hours a day they’ll have optimal care. Each brigade has a leader, a nutrition officer, bird and butterfly specialists, mammals, equines, aquatic ecology, veterinary doctors, and a support team.

A detailed schedule of actions to be taken  

It is important to have order in the requirements of each habitat. For example, macaws and parrots eat three times a day. They also love to take sunbaths, so brigades must be in charge of pampering them.

All species, no exceptions here, have special diets rich in nutrients. Therefore, the staff is in charge of receiving raw materials to prepare each diet by hand. Foods that arrive at lunchtime include apples, pears, bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, beets, broken corn, carrots, chard, lettuce, broccoli, and seeds.

Xcaret species care

Quality care  

A great example of this is the Sea Turtle Hospital, as well as those specimens that must remain in special rehabilitation areas for their next re-introduction. Our team ensures that each species continues its treatments, receives its medications, and cleans its habitats every day.

Xcaret species care

At the end of the day, the great love and commitment of the brigades and their specialists ensure that each specimen has the necessary attention and care. From the smallest such as butterflies and corals to the big eaters like manatees. They all have the necessary attention and care in case of any contingency that required prompt actions. This is how we continue taking care of the most precious thing we have so that you can greet them on your next visit to the Best Park in the World.