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Quintana Roo shores are the favorite of the sea turtles


Do you ever think about how amazing it is to live in a country full of nature beauties, home of amazing wildlife and plants? This privilege is linked to an enormous responsibility of taking care, protecting and respecting the environment  and all kind of fauna that lives or comes to visit the shores of Quintana Roo state.

These paradisiac beaches that humans enjoy are also the place where the sea turtles start their life journey, so it is very important to know the actions to help endangered species to return to their habitat, the ocean currents, safe and sound.


Sea turtles have a delicate role in the life balance of the ocean. They eat seaweed, jellyfishes, and sponges; this prevents the overpopulation of those species that harm the growth of coral reefs and obstruct the flow of the currents that takes nutrients all over the sea.

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Sea turtles have been here for millions of years, they are a magnificent example of evolutionary adaptation on planet Earth. The ocean is their home and the beaches the place where they begin the struggle to survive until they receive the first waves that take them to a journey all over the world.


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