From biodegradable sunscreen to water shoes 

Pack with us 

If you’re reading this, your visit to Xel-Há is probably around the corner, so cheers to that! Famous for its turquoise inlet, Xel-Há is an all-inclusive water park which centers in sustainability and natural adventures. And because we know you’re a traveler who loves to be prepared for everything, here we share some tips and considerations to enjoy every step of this journey.

Official IDs 

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t a travel blog supposed to be exciting? What’s exciting about IDs? Well, packing only the essential documents reduces the risk of misplacing anything.

  • For online purchases, be sure to bring your printed coupon ready to be shown at the ticket office (they won’t accept it digitally), as well as the credit card with which you made the payment and an official ID.
  • If the person who paid for the tickets won’t be joining you, bring a copy of their official identification with signature (passport), copy of the card on both sides signed and official identification of the visitor (original) in the reservation.
  • As for Mexicans (using code PROMOMEX): each visitor must present an official identification to prove their Mexican nationality (IFE, INE or passport).
  • If you purchased your tickets with any temporary promotion, be sure to read the terms and conditions beforehand and don’t hesitate to contact the Call Center for any additional questions.

Are there lockers in Xel-Há? 

If you’re not a light packer, don’t worry! In Xel-Há there are lockers available for all visitors at different points of the park. Consider that they are not large enough to guard suitcases, so we recommend you to leave them in your accommodation before your visit.

It’s not necessary to leave a deposit in order to rent one, but there is a penalty for loss of key, so secure it very well to your neck. At the end of the day, deposit the key in the indicated containers and that’s it!

If you’ve already taken a look at all the activities available, you’ll know that there are 3 ways to get to the river: walking along the Path of Consciousness, in a small truck or cycling through a jungle trail (my personal favorite). So don’t worry about leaving all your clothes in the lockers before this. For example, you may find it more comfortable to ride a bike in shorts and flip-flops or maybe you’d like to wear a cap to protect from the sun on your way. These belongings can be left in a safety bag just before entering the river. Safety bags are spacious, but not rigid, so it is not advisable to store fragile objects. You can retrieve them at the exit, in the checkered flag module.

What kind of clothes should I wear to Xel-Há? 

  • Of course: swimsuit. If you want to take part in the most adventurous activities (slides of the Scenic Lighthouse, the Cliff of Courage, etc.), we suggest you choose a comfortable one with good grip to avoid mishaps.
  • Items to protect you from the sun: glasses, cap, rash guard shirts.
  • Light and fresh clothes. Keep in mind that you’ll be constantly entering and exiting the water, and even during winter months, this destination stands out for its all year round warmth. We suggest you bring a versatile garment which remains comfortable even if wet, such as a beach wrap
  • To enter the restaurant of “La Cocina del Pueblo” (Mexican food), it’s necessary to be completely dry, so we recommend you bring one or two changes of clothes
  • If you’re planning on booking transportation, a sweater might come in handy
  • And since we’re talking about the outfit of the day… remember that the use of face masks is still mandatory in Xel-Há. Find trilayered face maks in the park’s shops. In addition to having really cute designs, they are quite comfortable.

The 15 most frequently asked questions about Xel-Há.

What kind of shoes should I bring to Xel-Há?

Although they are not indispensable, water shoes are your best option to be “off-road” in your day in Xel-Há. It’s very common to find them for sale in many supermarkets in Riviera Maya, but you can also buy them in the park (again, really cool designs). I find them especially useful at the beginning of the river, where there are many rocks, and in the Adventure World, where they help me achieve a better grip on obstacles. What can I tell you? I take these challenges really seriously!

In case of having optional activities booked (Sea Trek, Snuba Cenote, Adrenalina, etc.) …

Sea Trek is the only activity where you will be lent water shoes, but if you’re planning on doing any other, I do suggest investing in water shoes.

Do I need to bring a towel to Xel-Há?

No need! Request one in the modules and deposit them in the designated containers when you finish using it. The Xel-Há team places great emphasis on being mindful of our use of towels as part of their comprehensive water management program.

Can I bring my camera?

Sure, you can bring your camera or cell phone to capture your favorite moments. A great tip is to carry a waterproof cell phone case (also for sale in the park). The one thing that is not allowed are drones.

If you’d rather leave these delicate objects at home or in the lockers, consider acquiring the Photopass, with which you can take unlimited photos at different xelfie points in the park. It’s easily activated with your bracelet; you download your pictures digitally. Add it to your online purchase or buy it in the park modules.

What type of sunscreen can I bring to Xel-Há?

We know that protecting your skin against the sun damage is very important, so we reiterate the importance of packing a hat, sunglasses and even a rash guard shirt that protects you as much as possible. When it comes to sunscreen, please choose one that is completely chemical-free. The inlet’s diversity will be very grateful for it!

Learn to identify a biodegradable sunscreen.

Can I bring my own snorkel to Xel-Há?

Yes! Your ticket includes unlimited snorkeling and all the necessary equipment (vest, mask, fins and breathing tube). Everything is previously disinfected, except for the tube that isn’t reusable and you can even take it home. However, you can bring your own from home if you prefer.

Should I bring a bottle of water?

Your ticket to Xel-Há includes unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so it’s not essential to bring your own water bottle. However, there are drinking fountains around the park where you can fill them up if necessary.

And that’s it! Trust me, these simple recommendations will make all the difference and will keep the improvisation/confusion to a minimum. When we visit a place for the first time, we can often get this unpleasant feeling of forgetting something super important, but I assure you that once you step into this Natural Wonder, everything will flow.

Do you have any othe doubt about your visit to Xel-Há?