Toboganxote, the new adventure attraction in Playa del Carmen is at Xplor

March 22, 2024

The most adventurous travelers can experience the new challenge day and night.

It is the only 5-in-1 waterslide in the world, standing at 45 yards in height.

Xplor is one of Xcaret Adventure parks loved by those who visit the Riviera Maya. The all-inclusive experience adds one more to its six different activities and is the most anticipated by all Xplorers, lovers of adrenaline and new experiences. This waterslide is the latest attraction in the park and today I'll tell you everything you need to know to enjoy it.


The adventure begins with the "Sphere," an exciting free fall that will leave the brave breathless with its circular shape. Next, they will face the "Half Wave," where speed and excitement merge as the raft swings and slides forward before entering the thrilling "Whirlpool." Once caught in its dizzying spin, they will be launched into the "Whirlwind," where the action peaks before ending with a refreshing splash in the wave pool.

This journey ends in a river that connects to a wave pool. Here, you'll feel like you're in the sea, with calm at the beginning of the pool and waves in the deepest part. The best part is that you can enjoy this area for as long as you want, as the shore simulates a beach, with lounge chairs and umbrellas. After enjoying one of the most intense and fun experiences in Xplor, it's a well-deserved rest.

Buy your tickets to Xplor Park here: Xplor Admission

Follow these tips if you plan to slide for the first time: 

1.- You will throw yourself on a raft!

The journey on board the raft has a maximum capacity of four people. The minimum height to carry out this activity is 1.20 m, while the maximum weight is 100 kg per visitor.

2.- In what part of Xplor is it?

Follow the signs from the heart of Xplor and arrive through caverns. The path to reach the top is long, so we recommend you stay hydrated and with an Xplorer’s mentality.

3. How long does the activity last?

Please wait 90 seconds after the raft appears in front of you, then your turn to experience the adventure will begin.

Scream, hold on tight, and enjoy the 1 minute and 15 seconds' ride.

4. Have fun in the wave pool!

The depth is from 60 cm to 1.50 m.

The wave pool swell occurs for 15 minutes with 15-minute rest intervals. When it's time to turn the 24-inch-high waves back on, an alarm will sound to let you know the fun continues.

5. Is the use of a life jacket and helmet mandatory?

Yes, for safety reasons, the use of a helmet is mandatory. The life jacket may be optional, depending on how safe and comfortable you feel.

6. Is it included in my photo package?

Find the six Xelfie spots so that this new experience is integrated into your photo package. There is one at the viewpoint and five along the way. Don't miss out!

7. Are there restrictions if I want to do the activity?

If you are pregnant or recently had surgery, if you're under the influence of toxic substances or alcohol, if you have epilepsy, heart, back, or neck problems, asthma, hypertension, claustrophobia, or fear of heights, you will not be able to do this activity. But you can enjoy the sun loungers and wave pool when they are inactive.

For safety, using selfie sticks, cell phones, or any loose objects is prohibited, but you can bring action cameras as long as they can me attached to the helmet.


Rules for Toboganxote:

1. Do not carry things that can fall or get wet.

2. You must possess physical and cognitive skills to remain in the correct position during the activity and hold on to the raft's handles throughout the course.

3. Capacity per raft of four visitors. Maximum allowed weight of 100 kg per person.

4. Subject to weather conditions.

Rules for the wave pool:

1. Access from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. You can only swim by wearing a swimsuit.

3. Children shorter than 1.20m must be supervise by an adult at all times.

4. For your safety, it is essential to know how to swim. Otherwise, it is recommended to wear a life jacket at all times. Its use is mandatory for children shorter than 1.20 m.

5. If you suffer from heart problems, epilepsy, asthma, claustrophobia, hypertension, recent surgeries, or back or neck problems, please refrain from doing this activity.

6. Enter the water once 2 hours after eating have passed.

7. Entry with items that could cause accidents such as hats, watches, sunglasses, and chains, is not allowed. It is also not possible to introduce food or drinks.

8. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not enter the pool.

9. Running on the esplanade is prohibited.

10. It is not allowed to introduce children with disposable diapers.

11. People suffering from skin infections, eyes, ears, or respiratory tract, as well as any diarrhea or nausea, will not be able to carry out the activity.

And this is how we welcome the long-awaited and acclaimed Toboganxote. All lovers of adventure and fun will fall enjoy this new activity. With this information, you are more than ready to enjoy it. Do not think so much, if you are already in Xplor you have to do it!

You're about to have an exciting experience in the most thrilling adventure park on the Riviera Maya! Our latest water attraction promises the ultimate adventure, with all the fun and excitement of a water park concentrated into one experience. Hop aboard a four-person raft and prepare for an exhilarating descent from 41 meters high. Take advantage of it!

In addition to the thrilling new water attraction, Xplorers can dive into the wide range of activities Xplor offers, inspiring them to discover their most daring and adventurous side in the realms of sky, land, and water. Within this adventure, visitors can enjoy two zip-line circuits, explore the jungle and caves aboard amphibious vehicles, navigate through underground rivers on rafts, or swim in a river surrounded by stalactites, allowing adventurers to connect with nature intimately. Furthermore, when night falls, the temperature rises with Xplor Fuego. This unique experience offers all the park's activities amidst the mysterious Mayan jungle, taking the adventure to a new level in the darkness of the night.

Me encanta vivir nuevas experiencias y aprender de los constantes cambios de la vida. Amante de las nubes, los árboles, los animales y el fútbol. Creo que siempre hay algo bueno en cada día.


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