Get ready for a refreshing experience that will awaken all your senses.

Xenses is a park characterized by being the only one of its kind in Riviera Maya, with a very fun concept that will make you use of all your senses through its two paths. With more tha 50 fantastic scenarios you will lose your perception of reality and put your body and mind to the test. The first time I visited Xenses I didn’t know that wearing a bathing suit was necessary and I missed half a path. To avoid this from happening to you, I bring you a list of activities in which your swimsuit will be your best friend during this fun tour. Water activities in Xenses: why should you wear a swimsuit?  

Also, with all the protocols and security measures in each area of the park of the new 360 ° Xecurity model from Grupo Xcaret, you will have fun responsibly.

Path of Feeling 

In it, you can show off your best outfit and capture moments at different points with optical illusions. Here you can enjoy it without getting wet, however, this is not the case for the Path of Doing. There, you’ll find plenty of water for you to wear comfortable water shoes and your favorite swimsuit.

Path of Doing

This path will make you lose your balance and the perception of what is real through refreshing activities worthy of the warm climate of Riviera Maya. When you arrive at the Town, you must leave valuables and backpacks in your locker because you will be experiencing water activities with a pure Mexican style environment.

Water activities in Xenses: why should you wear a swimsuit?  path of doing


For those who love fun in the water, there is a wonderful slide. The moment to let the current take you slowly at the entrance and then feel the speed that increases during the trajectory. Everything gets dark until you reach the unexpected and refreshing descent that connects you with one of the most fun activities: Bird Flight.

Water activities in Xenses: why should you wear a swimsuit?  Slip


This river is one of my favorites on the Path of Doing. It has a secret special mud recipe where you can exfoliate your body and relax your mind with a feeling of renewed skin. Without a doubt, you will have a lot of fun inside it. I assure you that even if you feel that you are not moving forward, you are doing so. Let yourself go and enjoy the journey.


As its name says, this second river will make you feel very calm in its warm salt waters that do not allow you to sink. Close your eyes, lie back, and let the current carry you to the end while you float surrounded by neon lights that will make your experience more pleasant.

Water activities in Xenses: why should you wear a swimsuit?  riverlaxing


At the end of your tours in and riverlaxing and sludgerie, waterfalls are waiting for you, where you can rinse off to complete the tour with jets of water that will make you feel in a spa surrounded by nature.

Water activities in Xenses: why should you wear a swimsuit?  xpa

Now that you know the water activities you can do at Xenses, you won’t want to leave your swimsuit at home. Prepare yourself well and enjoy this fabulous experience that will undoubtedly make you see the world differently. I recommend wearing your mask throughout the tour and bring a spare so you can change it. Let’s be responsible so that we can all have fun safely.

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