25 unique experiences that you will live in Xenses

February 17, 2020

The Park in Riviera Maya

That will make you exploit all your senses to the fullest! 

I visited a Park in the Riviera Maya where you can rediscover your emotions, have a lot of fun and where amazement has no limits. Go through two paths, each one with incredible activities where mind and body will not be able to explain what is happening or how it’s happening. There are 25 unique experiences that you will live in Xenses.

Before you continue reading, be sure to schedule your first visit because you will be fascinated, and if you have already visited it, you will surely want to return.

Xenses is a half-day park that takes you on an incredible journey through two routes of unique activities and fantastic scenarios, where nothing is what it seems.

Path of doing 

You will lose the perception of reality and balance during this journey. It will be a lot of fun.

1. Listen to a heartbeat

Heartbeat is a white space where you can watch and hear the beating of an immense heart. The echo of your voice will captivate you. 


2. Test your balance  

You could test your balance in The Town. If you are a Mexican culture lover, this place will be your favorite. From the first step to the last, you won’t know if you are climbing down or descending up. 


3. Relax in a disruptive place 

Take a break in the Hammocks, gaze at the surrounding nature, and receive the sunlight to boost up your energy and continue having fun. 


4. Throw yourself off a slip in the middle of the jungle

On the Slip, you can live an exciting descent at full speed until you slide to an unexpected, but a refreshing end.


5. Fly 

If you like heights, Bird Flight will be one of your favorite experiences. Extend your arms and fly in a Zip-Line that takes you to plan like a bird through the sky. Admire Xenses from above and feel free.


6. Swim in salts with neon lights

Get carried away by the warm current of Riverlaxing, a salt river where you can free your body and mind while enjoying the darkness illuminated by blue neon lights in a cave environment.

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

7. Sludgerie 

Renew your skin with a secret recipe of mud completely organic and beneficial for your body with which you’ll be completely covered from head to toe. At the end, you can rinse under powerful streams of water and feel the effects of your renovated skin.


8. Get wet in the rain tunnel

Cross the illuminated Rain tunnel with your renewed skin. 

Remember not to carry any object that could be damaged, because you will end up super wet. 


9. Enjoy high temperatures 

If yours is to relax with steam and tranquility, you have to visit the Xauna. Go through a tunnel with high temperatures and relax while walking. 


Path of feeling 

Give a rest to your eyes and trust your other senses to guide you along this path that will test your body and your mind.

10. Know all the ecosystems in one place

Within the Xensatorium walking in total darkness, you can discover different ecosystems set with flora and fauna sounds characteristic of each of them. Prepare your imagination because you will feel like in a movie.


11. Know the inside of the Earth 

Outside the Xensatorium, you can understand how is the center of the Earth, walking between caves with a warm atmosphere and beautiful music. 

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

12. The Eden

Gaze at an earthly paradise among a waterfall, a small lake, fish, macaws, and flamingos.


13. Drink water directly from a tree 

Delight your sense of taste with a delicious lemonade directly from a tree in the Xitric Garden,  a delightful experience for your palate. 


14. Be a dwarf or giant

Cross a stone path with windows, doors, and streetlights that will make you appreciate the perspective of being small or big.

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

15. Encourage you to try new things

During your Xenses tour, you will find phrases that will motivate you to try new things. Overcome your fears and test your skills. 


16. You will enjoy nature

Your senses will be more active than ever. Enjoy it to the fullest! 

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

17. Going to the bathroom will be a lot of fun

The Xenses bathroom is an unusual place where toilet paper abounds. In this place, the sink looks like pipes.  

Look at you in the mirror will be something never seen before. 


18. Unusual photos.  

In each corner of Xenses, you will find places with very unusual perspectives to create the most epic photos. Prepare your camera and take the best memories.

unusual-photos-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

19. Be infinite  

Would you like to know what it feels to see many of you? You can make it happen in the Infinity Mirror. Find the best angle and see your reflection repeated multiple times. 

infinite-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

20. Eat-in a bus 

Eat inside a bus will be something cool! Order and enjoy the variety of food and drinks in the Xnack area.


Read: What food will you find in Xenses Xnack?

21. Take unique memories with you

The Rehilete is the most trendy area of Xenses!  It is where you will start and end the tour. There we will find many things out of the ordinary, of course, you could take your home. From games for your parties, t-shirts, souvenirs, and many fun stuff you didn’t know you needed. 

rehilete-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

22. Walk a maze mirrors

Be careful where you walk, you could crash into your reflection. The Maze Mirrors will be an unusual experience but very fun. 

maze-mirrors-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

23. Learn Mexican phrases

The Town is full of phrases that probably you nerve heard in your life. I promise you will not stop laughing when you read each of them. 

town-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.
town-25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

24. Make funny pictures

All you have to do is stand in front of the camera and smile, Xenses do the rest.

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

25. See yourself from different perspectives

It is a fun room with different perspectives. Stand up, turn around and smile. Nothing will be what it seems in your photos!

25-unique-experiences-that-you will-live-in-Xenses.

You are the main character of every fantastic scenario at Xenses. Capture unforgettable moments.

At Xenses you’ll be aware of everything your body can feel. 

Me encanta vivir nuevas experiencias y aprender de los constantes cambios de la vida. Amante de las nubes, los árboles, los animales y el fútbol. Creo que siempre hay algo bueno en cada día.


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