From Colored flavored water to delicious desserts.

5 dishes that you can find in the Xnack.

Unlike the parks like Xcaret or Xel-Há where there is a great variety of restaurants and buffets, at Xenses you’ll have something very special, even though it’s a half-day park, you should still not forget about the food. And guess what? We have all the insider tips so that you will have the best experience that the Xnack at Xenses will offer you.  What food will you find in Xenses Xnack? Let’s check it out.

The beginning

After a day of exploring and blowing your senses, your smell being sensitized, and your appetite begins to become voracious. While you were walking through the town or Xensatorium can easily make you forget for a moment of your thirst and hunger. But once the tour is finished, there is a delicious place full of dishes that you can try and even put together a combo that you will love. For me, this place is ideal for taking spectacular photos as well. I’m talking about none other than; “The Xnack”. Which will be very easy to locate once you are inside the Pinwheel. 

You will find french fries, sodas, popcorn, popsicles, and many more ideal snacks to share with your partner or family. 

Here you can see some recommendations for you to enjoy the best meal at Xenses: 

Waters of colors 

Let’s start with the refreshing colorful waters. You will feel how your body automatically cools down when you accompany your favorite dish with one of these delicious waters. One of the most requested flavors is the lemon water, this is one that reminds us of the Caribbean Sea because of the strong blue tone, another one which is most requested is the green colored mango water. Dare to try each of them, the Xnack has different flavors that will make you feel alive. 


The favorite food of many has arrived. At the Xnack you can find Hawaiian or Pepperoni pizza with a special touch that the chef gives to each one. The tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese will easily make anyone fall in love with this creation. 


Given the variety of nationalities that visit the park, tacos could not be missing. These come in two variations; flank steak and chicken. In addition, you can accompany them with pico de gallo or delicious guacamole. 


BBQ ribs 

The meat of ribs has always been exquisite, and when we add a thick layer of barbecue sauce, this will make your taste senses explode with the outstanding flavors. 


The Xnack has different desserts that are ideal for finishing off an excellent day in Xenses. From tangerine cheesecake to delicious cheese balls. 

Bonus Tip 

Once you pass the doors behind the checkout at the Xnack you will see the fountain with the red tube around a heart, as well as a typewriter. On the right, you will see a pink truck with blue and another one that is red with green. If you want to eat with air conditioning while listening to a soundtrack of “retro” music, I recommend this truck which has a very peculiar style. 

Xenses Truck

Price range: 

The prices of the Xnack are very good, within the most accessible we can find the banana pancake at MXN 25.00. On the contrary, we see the highest price is a mega arrachera or chicken quesadilla with complements such as guacamole and pico de gallo sauce at 149.00 MXN, delicious and very filling even for those with a large appetite.  

Likewise, we can find combos, which even include vegetarian hamburger options, accompanied by a soda and some fries. These combos range from 129.00 MXN to 229.00 MXN. All of them include french fries and a drink, and they are totally worth it. Also, if you don’t have Mexican pesos, you can pay with US dollars or we also accept credit cards. 

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A true delight 

The Xnack of Xenses may not be like the restaurants of Xcaret and Xel-Há where the buffets and the number of dishes are very extensive, however, the taste is exquisite. This is ideal to replenish the energies of a day of hiking and swimming. Let us not forget that it is the park with the lowest average ticket of the entire Grupo Xcaret. I recommend you try it, you will definitely love it.