How to get official promotions for Xcaret Hotels and Parks

February 19, 2024

Xcaret offers unique experiences in the destination!

It is always within our plans to travel on vacation or even to celebrate a special occasion, no matter the time Xcaret will always be a good idea.

Its landscapes, activities and gastronomy attract thousands of tourists every year looking for the best memories.


We know that the most important thing is your safety when booking your dream trip, that is why in this blog we will identify the official sites and ways to obtain such promotions for Xcaret parks and hotels.

It is important to emphasize that, regardless of the season of the year, Xcaret always has official promotions for a limited time. For example: Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring Break, Summer, Buen Fin, etc. Some of them are permanent and others change depending on the terms and conditions. Let's go over every detail!

Xcaret promotions

Take note! Here you will find the current promotions for all Xcaret parks and tours*: Special Promotions

*Remember that these promotions change according to the season and are valid for a limited time only.


What are the official platforms?

As a first step, we must learn to identify our official websites to make a safe purchase and take advantage of official promotions.








Xcaret Expeditions

Xcaret Xailing

Hotel Xcaret México

Hotel Xcaret Arte

La Casa de la Playa

Hoteles Xcaret

Let's talk about

Something important you should know is that within the official website of you can also find information and the option to buy tickets to any park, tour or even book hotel rooms.

So, if you see this site, you can rest assured that it is also official.


What you should know about discount codes in parks and tours:

You've probably come across promotions on digital platforms. They can be redeemed in two ways, here we tell you:

1. When it is through an advertisement:

  • Promotions on the website: in this option, clicking on the ad redirects you to a unique site of the promotion where you can choose the product you want by clicking on "quote your ticket", then you must choose your date of visit and transportation (in case it applies) in automatic will take you to the cart where you will have the promotional code loaded only to make the payment.
  • Dynamic promotion: this takes you directly to the shopping cart where you will have the products and the code loaded automatically so that you only have to modify the date of visit.

2. Saving the link of the advertisement on the website to buy later:

In this option you can take a screenshot of the ad you saw, then enter the "Seasonal Promotions" section on your own to make the discount with the code in the image.

How to identify exclusive and secure hotel deals?

First, it is important to know that hotel promotions are not the same as those of parks and tours, this will depend on each season. Discounts are almost always automatic and without the need of a discount code.

 Check out the Exclusive Offers section of the website here 


We advise that when you find an ad, verify that it is within the official platforms of Xcaret Hotels. Our communication is found in newsletters, banners and social media posts that redirect to a landing or hub website.

Where to find official promotions?

  • Website
  • Social Networks and ads
  • Newsletter
  • Contact Center
  • Xcaret APP
  • Sales Modules

The most important thing will always be to make sure that you are in the right platforms to obtain truthful information and according to the season.


How to identify that a promotion is safe?

Make sure that the promotion is within Xcaret's official channels, you can identify it with the url that begins with https, fake sites will never be able to match it. Be careful!

Another tip is to never give out your passwords or personal information. If you notice any doubtful promotion, do not hesitate to contact our Contact Center at 998-883-31-43 or through

Learn these tips for safe shopping at Xcaret:

6 tips to make the most of promotions:

  • Subscribe to the official newsletter
  • Take advantage of seasonal promotions (Spring break, Buen Fin, Black Friday, Valentine's Day, Holidays, among others).
  • Check out the special promotions for App Xcaret
  • Take advantage of package discounts when booking 2 or more parks.
  • Check available rates for Mexicans and locals
  • Buy in advance to take advantage of better rates

Here is more information about making your purchase securely with us:  

We hope this blog has helped you understand how Xcaret promotions work. Now it's time for you to plan your trip with the peace of mind that your purchase is secure.

What will be your next adventure? We look forward to welcoming you!

See you in our next blog 

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