Enjoy a true vacation with Xcaret with this anti fraud guide

March 23, 2023

Buy securely, and don't become a victim of fraud.

Online shopping is increasing, and more people are doing it due to its ease and the time savings it offers. But when browsing or making a purchase, we must be cautious not to fall into a fake site and become a victim of fraud.

Due to recent fraud cases, Grupo Xcaret has implemented new security measures to prevent others from becoming victims. For us, it is essential for you and your data security, and that is why we invite you to know the following tips to make a safe purchase and avoid fraud.

If you are thinking about booking your vacation with us or buying a service or tour online, consider the following tips to avoid being a victim of fraud and Enjoy a True Vacation.

1. Do not share your data.

Not sharing your data on the Internet ensures your privacy and data protection. Taking this measure makes you a cautious person; remember that before leaving your data on any site, consult a company's privacy notice and terms of use to know in detail what use they give to your information. If a company does not have these policies, it is probably fake.

2. Verify agency promotions on official sites.

If there is an offer from a non-official Xcaret agency, this same offer is likely found within our official site, so we recommend you check the offers within our site before making your purchase.

3. Ask for the contract before buying.

Having a contract is a guarantee to ensure the fulfillment of service, as well as having a warranty can help you check the data within it and verify if it is a real company or not.

4. Make sure that the page always starts with the HTTPS protocol

The HTTPS protocol guarantees that the information is protected; that is, the communication between the web client and the web server is encrypted, so if a site contains this protocol, it is reliable.

Another way to identify a fake site is through the URL, which is the site's specific address, by verifying letter by letter in the browser since fake sites will never be able to match it.

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How to Identify a Fake Agency

We all want to find the best deal and get our desired vacation at an excellent price, but we must always be alert to possible fraud and know how to identify fake offers from real ones.

Usually, these fake offers come from unofficial sites or doubtful agencies. They can reach you through suspicious emails, phone calls, or text messages without the need to be subscribed to any site or newsletter.

When planning your vacation with an external agency, you should consider these five things to identify if it is a fake agency.

1. Search for reviews

Reviews are one of the options to realize if it is a fake agency or not. It would be best if you looked for frequent reviews, or you can also search for the agency's name on social networks like Instagram or Facebook, and Google.

2. Consult at PROFECO

PROFECO is an administrative department of Mexico’s federal government in charge of promoting, defending, and protecting consumer rights. If you are suspicious about an agency, you can check their website to see if there's a complaint on their behalf.

In addition to protecting Mexican citizens, they have one department dedicated to assisting foreigners who have made bad purchases in Mexico, named CARE. Regardless of your nationality, they will help and advise you if necessary.

On the other hand, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and PROFECO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote enhanced cooperation in the fight against cross-border fraud to ensure all consumer safety.

3. National Tourism Registry

Another option to know the integrity of an agency is to verify that it is registered with the National Tourism Registry and has a minimum validity of 2 years.

4. Verify the bank account when making the payment.

Avoid making the payment if you notice that the account number is in an individual's name or if it is asked to be a debit card number. Always make sure that the name of the bank is recognized.

5. Verify your purchase receipt

Your purchase receipt must always match the company's name since, in some cases, it may say "Grupo Xcaret," but the account is in the name of an individual or a debit card.

When you purchase a trip or service, always be suspicious when you feel pressured to make the payment immediately; this may be a sign that they are trying to scam you. Another warning sign is the offers since these are usually highly exaggerated or with too low prices.


Remember that no matter how attractive the offer may sound, it does not mean that it is the safest; it never hurts to take precautions.

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At Grupo Xcaret, we want you to plan your vacations safely and without fear; with these measures; you can now be alert to fraudulent intentions

We hope you find these tips helpful, and we look forward to seeing you soon so you can enjoy a True Vacation with Xcaret.

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