More than 30 original names from around the world

From mythology to ancient cultures

What does your name say about you? There are names with great meanings, family names, invented and borrowed names. Today we have a list dedicated to nature lovers, because when it comes to presenting yourself to the world, you better do it while being connected to it.

This is how the world unites its natural wealth with its cultural wealth:

Of Mayan origin 

  • Nicté/Nikté 

Meaning: “flower” 

  • Itzamaray

Meaning: “stars”

  • Balam 

Meaning: “jaguar” 

  • Itzá 

Meaning: “sunrise” 

  • Kin 

Meaning: “sun” 

  • Anayansi 

Meaning: “rain of stars” 


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Names inspired by nature of Aztec origin 

  • Erandi 

Meaning: “sunrise” 

  • Jatziri 

Meaning: “dew drop” 

  • Sugey 

Meaning: “sunlight” 

  • Italivi 

Meaning: “flower of love” 

  • Xochitl 

Meaning: “flower” 


Of Latin origin 

  • Greta 

Meaning: “pearl” 

  • Ignacio 

Meaning: “fire” 

  • Aurora  

Meaning: “sunrise” 

  • Esmeralda 

Meaning: “shiny jewel” 

  • Gemma 

Meaning: “precious jewel” 

  • Estela  

Meaning: “star” 

  • Olivia 

Meaning: “fruit of the olive” 

  • Marina 

Meaning: “born from the sea” 

Greek origin 

  • Gaia 

Meaning: “name of the first earth goddess” 

  • Dafne 

Meaning: “laurel” 

  • Leo 

Meaning: “lion” 

  • Iris 

Meaning: “rainbow” 

  • Dalia 

Meaning: “Mexican flower” 


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Arabic origin 

  • Azucena 

Meaning: “lily” 

  • Zahara 

Meaning: “flower” 

  • Mahra 

Meaning: “mare (female horse), the most important animal in Arab culture ” 

Japanese origin 

  • Akina 

Meaning: “spring flower” 

  • Haru 

Meaning: “born in spring” 

  • Hoshi 

Meaning: “star” 


Other names inspired by nature… 

  • Ilán 

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: “vigorous tree” 

  • Morgana 

Origin: Welsh 

Meaning: “born from the sea” 

  • Moana 

Origin: Hawaiian 

Meaning: “ocean” 

  • Alani 

Origin: Hawaiian 

Meaning: “orange tree” 

  • Lei 

Origin: Chinese 

Meaning: “thunder” 

  • Ainara 

Origin: Basque 

Meaning: “swallow” 

  • Begoña 

Origin: Basque 

Meaning: “high hill” 

  • Ginebra 

Origin: Welsh 

Meaning: “white wave” 


Next time you meet someone with a unique name, ask about its meaning to know a little bit more of her/his history and personality. If you consider using one of these names, always make sure to teach and take pride in its origin. Remember: nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

Do you know the meaning of your own name?