3 Books to learn more about the History of Xcaret

April 23, 2024

These books are available in the souvenir stores of Xcaret Park

Would you like to delve deeper into Xcaret?

Xcaret Park has a souvenir shop that offers a selection of books related to Mexico's history, culture, and biodiversity. If you want to explore Xcaret more, here are some book recommendations. Immerse yourself in these pages and embark on a journey of knowledge and wonder.


A book authored by Miguel Quintana Pali, founding partner and visionary of Grupo Xcaret, Xueños delves into the history predating the creation of Xcaret, Mexico's top park in the world. With a background in architecture and a creative nature, Miguel Quintana shares his life trajectory and the perspectives and values that guided him in realizing his dreams. This inspiring book will inspire you to pursue your dreams, reminding you it's never too late. Available at all Xcaret park stores, select retail outlets, and online platforms like Mercado Libre and Amazon.



Xcaret Passport

The "Xcaret Passport" is an interactive book designed for visitors to Xcaret in Mexico, offering an educational experience during their visit. More than just an informational booklet, this passport contains mini-tales or stories from each area and Yucatán, serving as a guide through the park's various attractions and activities.


The passport includes detailed information about the different areas and attractions within the park, as well as interesting facts about the region's flora, fauna, history, and culture. It may also feature maps, show schedules, activity timings, and recommendations to make the most of your visit.


A standout feature of the Xcaret Passport is the ability for visitors to collect stamps by participating in different activities or visiting points of interest within the park. This "stamp" concept adds a unique and collectible element to the experience, encouraging visitors to explore and engage in the park's diverse attractions.


One of the main advantages is that you can stamp your passport at each visit to these areas. Upon collecting all the stamps, you'll receive a T-shirt, an index, and a map of Xcaret at the park's point of sale. You don't have to worry about your passport; it will be returned to you without any hassle!


A Tribute to Mexico

This book, "A Tribute to Mexico," is a one-of-a-kind photography book offering the opportunity to explore how some properties of Xcaret pay tribute to and represent Mexico. Among the highlights are Hotel Xcaret México, Xcaret Park, and Xoximilco, with their distinctive gastronomic experiences, Mexican regional music, vibrant colors, crafts, dances, events, and much more. This book is available in the souvenir aisles of Xcaret Park. You can browse it there, as it's not for sale in local or online stores.



Now that you have the key to learn more about Xcaret, I invite you to explore these books available in their store and dive into the fascinating stories awaiting their shelves. This is just the beginning of an exciting adventure!

Amante del arte y la música, me encanta explorar y aprender cosas nuevas.


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