An explosion of your senses

What are you waiting for? Try them all

As human beings, we have more than 5 senses, and such as the muscles of our body, these can also be stimulated to strengthen and fine tune them. Today we invite you to stimulate your senses through these activities:

Taste: Chocolate Workshop

At the chocolate workshop in Xcaret Park, you will get a chance to stimulate two of your senses: the sense of touch and taste. In the first part of this workshop, you will prepare a bar of chocolate with your own hands, you will feel the textures and shapes of the cocoa. In the second part, you will taste its flavor, feel its consistency and how this produce a feeling of happiness on you.


Touch: Walking barefoot on the beach

When you go to the beach, just try this: take off your shoes, put your feet on the sand and stroke the sand with your feet and just feel the calm and relaxation. Walking along the beach is not only a very healthy exercise but also a very enjoyable and practical way to stimulate the sense of touch.


Sight: Enjoy the colors and shapes at the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Show

There is no better way to delight our sense of sight than seeing wonderful shows. You’ll be thrilled with everything you’ll see: a parade of Mexican colors, shapes, and traditions. You won’t want to blink!

If you want to know more about this show that will take your breath away, we invite you to read: 6 epic moments of Xcaret Mexico Espectacular.


Audition: Listen to the sound of the sea

Follow these steps if you want to stimulate your sense of the audition: go to the beach, sit down in front of the sea, close your eyes, forget about everything and just hear that amazing sound. After that, we are sure you will feel calm and relaxing.

Smell: Enjoy the smell of a fresh coffee cup

Imagine a fresh coffee cup at this moment, take it in your hands and bring it close to your nose, is there something better than that exquisite smell?


Equilibrioception: Lose your balance at the Town.

Is the sense that allows to attain and maintain postural equilibrium and balance. In the Town of Xenses, your balance will be tested. As soon as you enter you will feel that your mind fool your body.   We invite you to discover more about this crazy but amazing town reading:  A crazy town with crazier signs.


What other activities do you think can stimulate your senses? Share them with us.