Moments that will stay with you forever

We know that the night show is one of our visitor’s favorite attractions, not only because it tells the story of Mexico through live music, dance and folklore, but also because when you see it, it causes unexpected emotions.

Like our visitors, we too are passionate about Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show. We chose six epic moments that we consider are not only very important within the story, but also cause such strong emotions, that could make us cry everytime we see them.

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1. The rise  of the sacred twins

The divine twins Ixbalanqué and Hunahpú slowly rise challenging the Lords of the Death to play the legendary game of creation, how can this be more epic?


2. The entry of the Halach Uinic

The Halach Uinic himself enters the scene of the conquest with such intensity and energy that will not let you take your eyes off him.


3. The meeting of the two worlds

A musical composition that represents the meeting of the pre-Hispanic world to the new world brought to America by the Spanish. It will make you feel, we don’t know exactly what, but you will feel something new.


4. The Virgin of Guadalupe

We have no words to describe the feeling of seeing, as part of the transformation of the Mexican culture throughout history, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the stage, it is simply speechless.


5. The rise of the Mariachi

When you least expect it, the Mariachis rise from the middle of the stage filling the entire theater with their music. As they rise, the excitement and desire to get up, sing, clap, shout and dance (all at once) increases.


6.- “México en la Piel”

The Xcaret singers come together for one last song: México en la Piel. The moment in which the entire cast comes out to say goodbye to the audience, carrying flags of many countries and singing together the song that has become an anthem for us is unforgettable. It makes us Mexicans relive the pride we feel for our beloved Mexico.


Those who have already had the opportunity of seeing the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show, won’t let us lie. Selecting these six moments has been a difficult task, since throughout the show there are many moments that make you dance, sing, sigh, shout or even mourn. We want to know your opinion, share a photo of the moments you consider epic in Instagram using the #MéxicoEspectacular or otherwise comment here on the blog.

Which is your favorite moment of Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show?