Beyond joy, magic, and tradition

Celebrating 20 years of representing Mexico

What began as a small project at Xcaret Park twenty years ago, now has become the most extraordinary Mexican Folclor Show in the world, with more than 300 actors on stage with original costumes performing typical dances in an atmosphere of light and color, now we are gladly celebrating 20 years of magic. 


“When I get on stage and I’m dancing, I feel incredibly happy”

-Erwin Aviles, Michoacan Old Men dancer.


“Everytime the show ends I feel a great satisfaction, and a lot of joy for watching all the people in the audience” 

-Hector Flores, Mexican Charro.


“Being in Xcaret is a dream come true, when I was fifteen I made a trip to the Riviera Maya and I watched the show for the first time. I remember perfectly when the song “Mexico en la Piel” ended, I just sat there: in the stairs, crying of excitement, of pride. I get goosebumps just to remember it, because it was the beginning of a dream: I remember telling my cousin “One day, I’ll be there, I swear, I’m going to be in this show”. And two and a half years later, I joined Xcaret México Espectacular Show, I became a part of the cast, and I feel so lucky, and I couldn’t be happier” 

-Patricia Santana, Singer.

“I started working at Xcaret in 1998 in the maintenance area, then as a canoe paddler, then as a fly System Operator, audio assistant, and today I am an audio operator”

-Yibi De La Cruz, Audio Operator.


“Before getting on stage I take a deep deep breath, a moment when I try to forget my problems and what is on my mind, I try to leave them outside of the stage and be able to be all there while performing” 

-César Eduardo Rojas, Dancer.


 “The audience reaction is always different, specially when we have full house, I love watching the result of our work in the emotions of the people, It makes me feel proud and motivated to continue working and doing things better” 

-Eduardo Escamilla, Production Manager

“Today is very special to me, because we are receiving a heritage and a commitment and I feel thankful for these many years working here. All the effort from now on is dedicated to all the people who are with me, in my job, my home and specially to my daughter”

-Jorge Gutierrez, Halach dancer.


“I love to feel the crowd’s applause while they are singing along with us” 

-Daniel Maza, Mariachi Singer.


“I feel proud of representing the traditional ceremony of the Papantla Flyers every day”

-Don Juan, Papantla Flyer.


“I feel so happy everytime the show ends, because I think Mexico is a lot more than its problems, and here we manage to make people reconcile with their country”

-Fernando Herrera, Artistic Director.


“We train almost daily, from two to three hours, practicing the technique of hitting the ball”

Alejo Zamaro, Mayan Ball Game Player.


“The magic begins when I enter into the dressing room and I get ready, this is simply magical, when I go out on stage, and all the people are watching me, I think that feeling doesn’t compare to anything” 

-Adriana López Tovar, Dancer.


“Preparing the horses for the stage is one of the most difficult challenges of my job, conditioning and communicating with the horses” 

-Sinforiano Bacab, Horse Riding Instructor.


“If I could give one advice to all the Mexican youth it would be to continue preserving the Mexican Culture” 

-José Alonso, Mayan Performer.


“I’m a person full of feelings, and I feel happy and proud of performing in front of so many people. Most of the time they spread their energy and warmth, a lot of them cry during the show. I personally have cried a few times too. I’m very grateful and happy”

-María Concepción, Dancer.


“Everytime I go on stage I feel adrenaline, excitement and pleasure, a lot of pleasure, I love singing in a place like this, it is one of the most important stages for our mexican folklore” 

-Juan José Ramírez, Singer.


“I love watching the people’s reactions during the show, especially in the last act”

-José Manuel Anaya, Trumpeter.


“The atmosphere is different every night, not every show is the same. And I love going home with all the positive vibe of the people” 

-Moisés Bernardino, Staff Production.


“I currently perform in the Oaxaca dance, the North of Mexico and in the Mayan act. But I have done multiple characters, and several musical traditions since I have been working here”  

-Bernardo Benavides, Drummer.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

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