6 Mariachi Songs You Should Learn For Every Party

August 02, 2018

Turn into the soul of the party

With These Mariachi Songs.

When you visit Mexico, you know that we Mexicans love to party and when we’re partying, we love to sing. One more thing you should know is that Mariachi is sacred for us, so if you’re planning to visit Mexico and party with us, you need to know a few mariachi songs.

This list will help you to feel like a Mexican, and if you memorize the lyrics of any of these songs, I’m sure you’ll be the soul and life of the party singing these Mariachi songs. 

1.- México Lindo y Querido (Beloved and nice Mexico)

We Mexicans are proud to be born in our country, and this song is all about that. The song says that if I (as Mexican) die away from Mexico, the other people should mention that I’m sleeping and take me back to my funeral in my homeland. Now that I write it like that, it sounds kind of creepy, but yes, we Mexicans love our country.

2.- Si Nos Dejan (If they allow us)

Have you heard about Luis Miguel? Well… now you should. Prepare a Mexican serenata for the comadre with this song. It says something like: “If they allow us, we will love each other the whole life” and more romantic stuff. This is one of the greatest Mariachi songs for you and your girlfriend.

3.- Motivos (Reasons)

More romantic songs for you and the comadre. This song, basically says that everything is a good reason for loving someone and if you love someone everything is a good reason to be happy.

4.- Mátalas (Kill them)

It sounds like a title of a Slipknot’s song, but it is not about killing anyone. Everyone knows that women love details such as flowers or little chocolates or details in general. They like those things and this song is about those gestures and tiny details you can have with them, and figuratively talk, kill them with them.

5.- El Rey (The King)

This song represents every Mexican compadre and comadre, we are all kings and queens of our land. Once you know and sing this song, you become a Mexican automatically, one of us, one of our family.

6.- Cielito Lindo (Sweet sky)

No, this is not our national anthem as the whole world thinks. We sing it whenever we’re celebrating something, I can’t tell you why every Mexican sings the Cielito Lindo with all his heart, but I’m sure you know that when a Mexican sings “aaaay aaaay ay ay, canta y no llores”, the thing is serious, and the party is just about to start.

Do you know any other Mariachi song? Write it in the comments and prepare to sing with us! 

Toma fotos, escribe y ve futbol. Apasionado de la sostenibilidad y fanático de que la vida lo sorprenda.


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