What to pack for your trip to Xcaret

April 03, 2024

Pack your suitcase for your Xcaret adventure!

Essential clothing tips

Excitement is at an all-time high when planning a getaway to paradisiacal destinations.

However, before thinking about the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or exploring ancient pre-Hispanic cities, several questions are surely on your mind: What should I pack in my suitcase? What clothes should I pack? We all experience this dilemma while preparing for the trip to the beach of our dreams.

So today, I'm sharing a guide on what to pack in your suitcase and everything you should remember when you visit us at Xcaret.

First, the most important thing is where you are going to stay. Well, there are three incredible options for you to choose your favorite and the one that best suits your needs:

Hotel Xcaret Mexico stands out for its all-inclusive concept, which focuses on nature and Mexican culture. This is the right choice if you are planning a family trip.

On the other hand, Hotel Xcaret Arte stands out for its emphasis on art, creativity, and gastronomy. It offers workshops by local artists and a great cultural experience. Consider this the ideal destination if you are traveling as a couple or with friends.

Finally, La Casa de la Playa, located in a quiet and paradisiacal setting, offers a more intimate and exclusive atmosphere. It offers personalized services and direct access to the beach, ideal for those looking for a relaxing and private getaway.

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience with your partner, this is your option.

When packing for any of the hotels, some restaurants within each one have a formal or semi-formal dress code, such as the Ha' restaurant, where formal casual dress is required.

  • Women: cocktail dress, blouse, skirt, skirt, pants, and elegant shoes or sandals.
  • Men: pants, shirt, and closed shoes.

Each hotel offers a unique experience, tailored to different tastes and preferences, from cultural to seaside serenity. Thus, guests have diversified options to enjoy their stay in the Riviera Maya.


Let's say we are staying for seven days, and you are taking a carry-on; this is what I would put in my suitcase:


You should know that they all have one thing in common: unlimited access to all our parks and tours. Therefore, you should also be prepared for the occasion in each one.

Don't worry! I'll give you the best recommendation, so you know exactly what to bring for your favorites.

Let's start with categories; if you are someone who enjoys nature and culture, then you will surely want to visit:



This park is the gateway to Mexico, offering an unforgettable experience of nature, culture, and adventure. At Xcaret, you can explore various attractions and activities, including subway rivers for swimming, snorkeling in natural reefs, discovering local flora and fauna, and live folkloric shows that highlight Mexico's cultural richness.

In addition, you can enjoy Mexican cuisine at the various restaurants within the park. It is a perfect destination if you want to explore Mexico's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage all in one place.


  • Bathing suit and water shoes: Enjoy the subway rivers, beaches, and water activities.
  • Lightweight, cool clothing: the Riviera Maya can be hot, so wear breathable clothing such as short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and dresses.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt or light sweater: to protect you from the sun and temperature changes.
  • Comfortable and casual clothes: Change after your water activities and enjoy the show.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: Since there will be much to explore, choose your most comfortable shoes.


Considered a natural wonder, this park is full of nature and marine life; this park offers a series of water activities, including snorkeling in a natural cove, swimming in rivers, lighthouse viewpoint, the highest water slide in the Riviera Maya, zip lines, hammocks to relax and the best part; a delicious buffet with Mexican and international cuisine, as well as unlimited drinks throughout the visit. With its unique combination of adventure and relaxation in a breathtaking natural setting, Xel-Há will be an unforgettable experience if you love nature and aquatic fun.


-Bathing suit: essential for enjoying water activities such as snorkeling and swimming in rivers and coves.

-Lightweight and comfortable clothing: opt for cool, breathable clothing, such as short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and dresses.

Sun protection clothing: Consider wearing long-sleeved shirts or rash guards to protect yourself from the sun, especially if you spend a lot of time in the water.

  • Extra dry clothes: changing dry clothes for after-water activities is beneficial.
  • Hat or cap: to protect you from the sun and keep you cool during the day.
  • Water shoes: These are used to get in and out of the water quickly.
  • Sandals or flip-flops: are for when you are out of the water and want to walk around the rest areas and restaurants.

Xplor/ Xplor Fuego

Personally, it is the best adventure park in the Riviera Maya to visit; it offers a thrilling experience in the middle of the jungle, from a variety of driving vehicles through the jungle, climbing the highest zip lines in the region, swimming in subway rivers, and exploring caverns and caves full of stalactites and stalagmites.

Xplor offers a delicious buffet and refreshing drinks throughout the visit. This park offers the best combination of adventure, nature, and excitement.


  • Comfortable clothing such as shorts and T-shirts will allow you to move quickly during the activities.
  • Swimming suit: essential to enjoy the water attractions, such as swimming in subway rivers and exploring flooded caves.
  • Water shoes: will allow you to walk comfortably through water and rocky surfaces.
  • Closed-toe shoes: You will need to change into after-the-water shoes, and for all Xplor activities, you will need to wear closed-toe shoes.

Read about the new attraction at Xplor: The Toboganxote



One of my favorites is this adventure park in Cancun, which offers a thrilling experience for action lovers.

At Xavage, you can participate in a variety of activities, including rafting with expert guides, a ropes course with different levels of difficulty, an obstacle course in a monster truck, the longest horizontal zip line, kayaking in the middle of nature, and more. 

In addition, the park has a special area with slides for children, where they can enjoy activities and rest areas, such as hammocks and a pool.

Likewise, the all-inclusive buffet is present in this park.


  • Sportswear or comfortable clothing allows you to move freely during the activities.
  • Swimming suit: essential to enjoy the water attractions such as rafting, kayaking, or the pool.
  • Closed-toed, sturdy shoes: wear closed-toe shoes that provide a good grip and support for walking and participating in park activities.
  • Water shoes are for water activities and allow you to walk comfortably in wet and slippery areas.


Xenses is a sensory experience park designed to challenge your senses and awaken your creativity. Here, you can enjoy a variety of interactive activities that challenge perception and reality, such as walking in the Pueblo Chueco, entering the rivers of mud and water, and sliding down a slide into a subway cave.

Plus, you can enjoy the delicious food at Xnack at an additional cost.


  • Lightweight, comfortable clothing: This park can be hot, so choose light, breathable clothing that will keep you cool during the day.
  • Swimsuit: In some areas of the park, such as the mud rivers and the slide, it is advisable to wear a swimsuit under your clothes.
  • Comfortable shoes are for all activities, such as Pueblo Chueco or zip lines.
  • Water shoes: take water shoes that can get wet without problems.


This tour offers a cultural and festive experience inspired by the famous canals of Xochimilco in Mexico City. Here, you can embark on traditional trajineras decorated with bright colors and enjoy a tour through artificial canals; during the tour, you can enjoy live Mexican music, savor authentic Mexican food, participate in typical games and activities, and live a unique cultural experience full of joy and tradition.


Your best outfit! But I recommend comfortable clothes and shoes since you won't stop dancing all night.


Since we are entering the Tours category, I want to tell you that you will find a wide variety—there is something for everyone here!

Xcaret Expeditions

With tours to the most representative archaeological sites of Yucatan and the Riviera Maya, you can visit:

  • Classic Xichén or Deluxe Xichén
  • Tulum-Xel-Há Tour
  • Cobá-Xel-Há Tour
  • Cobá - Tulum - Xel-Há Tour

For this kind of tour, you must pack clothes and accessories that protect you from the sun, so this is my recommendation;

  • Hat or cap: to protect you from the sun.
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable shoes: Remember that you will be walking and exploring often; I recommend closed shoes, preferably.
  • Cool clothes that will prevent you from suffering from heat at the archaeological sites. If you want to have nice pictures, you can wear an outfit that you like and is comfortable. And lastly, in all of them, you will need a
  • Bathing suit: with Xichén Classic and Deluxe, you will be visiting the incredible Cenote Tsukán, and in the others, you will spend the rest of the day at leisure in Xel-Há.


If you love nature and adventure, then you will love this tour. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit four impressive cenotes, each one with unique characteristics. You will be able to explore and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the cenotes, where you will include activities such as rappelling, ziplining, kayaking, and snorkeling. This will allow you to have an exciting experience full of adventure.


  • Water shoes: opt for shoes that can get wet and are comfortable for swimming.
  • Swimming suit: to enjoy the cenotes.
  • Change of clothes: for after you finish the activities.
  •  Change your shoes to dry your feet after finishing the activities.

Xcaret Xailing

Now, we get to the Caribbean vibes. If you want to take a day to get to know the beautiful Isla Mujeres, Xailing has two perfect options.

  • Ferry: This option allows you to travel to Isla Mujeres fast and easily. Modern boats depart every hour from the Embarcadero Isla Mujeres by Xcaret in Cancun's Hotel Zone. Located at km 4.5, it has modern facilities and easy access from any point in the Cancun beach area.
  • Catamaran Tour: Xailing's latest novelty is a complete tour of Isla Mujeres that includes snorkeling at the meco, a visit to the beach club, a box lunch, maximum drinks, lunch, an open bar at the beach club, and free time at Isla Mujeres.


  • Light and comfortable clothes: cotton T-shirts, relaxed blouses, dresses, lightweight.
  • Swimwear: to enjoy snorkeling and the beach club.
  • Water shoes: for when you are swimming
  • Comfortable sandals or tennis shoes

Stores in the hotels and parks

If you have read this small guide and still forgot something, don't worry; in each of our hotels and parks, you will find stores with everything you need for your visit.

I am sure your next trip to Xcaret will be an unforgettable experience full of adventures and unique moments. With the complete list of appropriate clothing and footwear, you will be ready to enjoy every moment, from beaches to cultural explorations.

Pack everything you need and prepare to show off your best outfits in this tropical paradise.


Let the adventure begin!

Orgullosamente Cancunense, viajar es mi actividad favorita. Amante de los atardeceres, la pasta, el vino y la luna. Creo que vida es increíble.


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