Complete guide to run an Obstacle Course Race - Xplor Bravest Race

May 03, 2024

Answer all your questions about the best obstacle course race in the Riviera Maya!

You will be ready for the next edition!

If you are reading this, it is because there is undoubtedly some adventurous spirit in you If you are reading this, it is because indeed there is some adventurous spirit in you, and what better way to start in this world with a new challenge than trying something new? It is the best time to prepare yourself to participate in the best and most fun obstacle course.

I'm going to help you with everything you always wanted to know, which will convince you to sign up soon.

Let's get started...

It is unnecessary since it is not a speed race but an obstacle course; you can go at your own pace.

1. What is the Bravest Race?

The Bravest Race is an obstacle race in Xplor Park, Playa del Carmen. 

It has a length of 5.5 kilometers and more than 40 obstacles with different difficulty levels.

This themed obstacle race, which takes place in the stunning natural environment of Xplor, will take you through the jungle, challenging you with strategically placed obstacles that will lead you to explore caves, cross suspension bridges, and dive into crystal-clear waters. 

With each step, you face challenges to test your physical and mental endurance.

Creativity in the choice of obstacles adds an element of surprise to the race, keeping the excitement going at every turn of the course.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the obstacle racing world, the Bravest Race has something for everyone. With different difficulty levels in the obstacles, you can tailor the race to your skill level and challenge yourself according to your abilities.


2. How long has it been going on?

Since 2013, each edition has always had a different theme and surprise obstacles.

3. How many kilometers is the circuit?

There are two sections, one 5.5 km and the other 8 km. You can choose which route to take!

4. How can I sign up?

It's straightforward; I'll leave some of how you can stay informed here. 

- We will announce the pre-sale and sale dates for tickets on our social networks, Instagram @BravestRace and Facebook @XplorBravestRace, which start in June each year. 

- Through the official website: 

- By subscribing to our newsletter: to receive news directly to your email when race registrations open.


5. How much does registration cost?

Bravest Race has two types of tickets, general and VIP.


- Participation in the race (one-time slot). 

- Xplor Bravest Race T-shirt.  

- Xplor Bravest Race medal at the end of the race.  

-Competitor number. 

-Xplor helmet: delivered 10 min before the start of the race in the starting area and returned to the staff across the finish line.


- Participation in the race (one hour). 

- Xplor Bravest Race T-shirt.  

- Xplor Bravest Race medal at the end of the race.  

- Competitor number. 

- Xplor helmet: It was delivered to the starting area 10 minutes before the start of the race and returned to the staff after crossing the finish line.

- Photo package included. 

- Souvenir -Breakfast to fill you up with energy.

Also, if you register during June, July, and August, you will have a 10% discount on tickets, while in the month of the race (September, they will be at regular price)  Remember that your tickets are only sold on the official website

6. Up to what age can I participate?

The minimum age to participate is 16 years old. Groups of friends, families, and people of different age ranges usually participate in this activity, so come ready to have fun and bring whoever you want.

7. Can kids go?

Yes, even children from 6 to 12 can participate in the mini Bravest Race, a race with fun obstacles for the mini adventurers. You should know that the mini Bravest is free for the little ones.


8. What should I bring to the Bravest Race?

- Photo ID.

- Money for food, drinks, and souvenirs. 

- You must sign the liability waiver when you enter the registration area.

Type of clothing you should wear.

won't hurt if they break on the day of the event since you will be in water, mud, and more.

- A pair of leggings or sports shorts are your best option (preferably covering your knees).

- A sports top or t-shirt that you will later change for the race shirt. 

- Wear shoes that you no longer wear, or that are too old because it is very likely that you will end up without soles. 

- Change of clothes for after the event, including other shoes. 

- Towel. 

- Backpack and bags to put your wet clothes in. 

- Remember that you can also wear a creative costume as long as it does not limit your movements in the race

The helmet is the most important thing, and do not worry- we will lend it to you the day of the race. In addition to this, you can include knee pads and gloves for added protection.


9. What time should I arrive on race day?

We recommend you arrive at least 2 hours before your start time.

10. How long is the race?

Since you can run at your own pace, there is no set time, but it is estimated to last approximately 2 hours.

11. Can I participate with friends or family?

It's the best! You will love the experience of completing the challenge as a group because there will be no shortage of fun and teamwork.


12. Do I need to be in good physical condition to participate?

To prepare yourself better, you can go for a walk or run a few days before the race if you wish to build up your endurance. However, remember that it is not a speed race but an obstacle course; you can go at your own pace.


13. What kind of obstacles are there?

You will find all kinds: natural obstacles, caves, ropes, tires, jungle, ramps, mud flats, and basically anything else you can find.

Some of our favorites are the courage jump, the mud road, the spinning tires, the wave pool, and the river swim.


14. How often do the waves come out?

Every 30 minutes.


15. What can I eat at the event?

During the event, several food stands will be available with energy drinks, fruit, protein bars, and healthy breakfasts.  

Remember to bring extra cash.


16. Can I bring my friends and family to watch me race?

Yes, they will not be able to enter the circuit but they will be able to join you at the start line, and at the finish line, there are bleachers where they can cheer you on at the end of the race.

17. Do I need to know how to swim?

All editions are different, but if yours has obstacles like the river or water, don't worry. You can wear a vest at all times, and our lifeguards will always be on hand to support you.


18. Can I skip an obstacle?

If you don't want to or can't do one, you can avoid it and take an alternative route.

19. Can I take a souvenir of the race?

Sure, when you complete the race, you will find all kinds of souvenirs to take with you, and the best souvenir is your medal.


Now that you are more than ready to live the experience yourself, do not miss the opportunity to participate. I am sure it will be one of the best memories you will have.

Orgullosamente Cancunense, viajar es mi actividad favorita. Amante de los atardeceres, la pasta, el vino y la luna. Creo que vida es increíble.


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