This is how we lived the best obstacle race in Xplor Park in Playa del Carmen, Mexico 

Bravest Race, the obstacle race that Xplor Park holds yearly, was back after the pandemic and was much better than we expected! Some of us ran it for the first time, and many others repeated it for the second, third, and more. After a two-year pause, the Bravest Race returned to Playa del Carmen with the Nomad edition in time to make us feel strong again and with new challenges to unlock. These are the best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor.

If you love adrenaline and adventure, you’re intrepid, want to test yourself, and know all about Bravest Race; this is for you.

the best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor

Let’s start with the first, what is the Bravest Race? 

It’s an obstacle race that has a different concept every year. It has challenging obstacles through air, land, water, and caves, and it’s held in Xplor Park. This year we had to become Nomads, running more than 5 kilometers in the middle of the jungle, jumping and swimming in cenotes, dragging ourselves in mud, and climbing different ramps with great style.

My experience running the Bravest Race for the first time. 

I’ve wanted to run this obstacle race for a long time, and this year was my first time giving it my all, and l did it. The community of runners that participate has an incredibly contagious energy, and despite being a competition, you can feel the spirit of togetherness and support throughout the course.

Some Bravest Runners (what we call the runners) sign up as a team, others do it individually, others run accompanied by their partners, and each has a different goal, making it more fun and exciting.

Can anyone run a Bravest Race? 

Yes, anyone can run a Bravest Race; you don’t need to be a high-performance athlete to run it. I recommend that you train months in advance, run daily, and do exercise routines to finish it satisfactorily because it is a race that requires a lot of physical effort and energy. As I already told you, the goal is to have fun and have a great time.

The time to finish it depends entirely on you, on the speed you go, and how you decide to overcome each obstacle. My best advice for newbies: enjoy yourself to the fullest and be inspired by those who run alongside you.

The best moments of the 2022 edition: Bravest Race Nomad.

This year’s Bravest Race was fascinating. All the racers were eager to come back and put their nomadic skills to the test.

Some wore a costume, others had the official Bravest Race shirt on, those who competed as a team wore their shirts, and others wanted to run in comfortable sportswear, but all with the same goal, to get our medal.

The best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor

Food stands and sportswear stores surrounded the stage, where a musical group and entertainers motivated all the competitors in each wave. All the runners painted their faces with their style and design, warmed up before their start time, and were mentally prepared to leave everything at each obstacle.

Not to mention the stands, the cheers of all family and friends who supported their competitors, filling each other with encouragement.

In addition, we had the opportunity to run alongside great athletes who were guests of the Bravest Race. Alely Hernández, David Juárez “The Beast” Ana Lago, and Eduardo Barquin spiced up the competition. 

The best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor influencers

Experience running on land, underground, in the air, and swimming in the water. 

We had no idea what was in store for us before we crossed the start line, but it didn’t take long for us to realize what it was going to be about when we hit the first very dirty and challenging-looking obstacle: mud puddles. And then, we realized that we would not reach the finish line clean or dry.

The next kilometers were a lot of fun. There were ramps to slide, climb mudslides, and jump on different obstacles. Sliding down slides and slides that reach the Xplor cenotes and walking inside flooded caverns was a challenging experience. Worthy of a nomad.

The courage to jump in the middle of the Race gave you back the energy to continue the other half of the Race. The best part was the day’s surprise, with the inauguration of the Park’s new wave pool as part of the obstacles to overcome.

Finally, the final ramp that brought you closer to your medal was one of my favorite obstacles. It was just a few steps, a boost, and a lot of strength to finish such a tired but incredible experience. I’m sure we all gave more than our 100%. 

The best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor

We found many shoes that lost the battle along the way and could not continue with the nomads who wore them. We also saw many brave people crossing the cenotes, swimming in the underground rivers, and sliding down the slides without a vest; other runners like me opted for more comfort by wearing one.

Bravest Fest to celebrate 

The Bravest Runners who obtained their VIP ticket had the opportunity to enjoy the Bravest Party, a small party to celebrate at the end of the race, to pamper themselves with food and drinks that their ticket included.

Xplor Park stood out with the organization and planning of the route, the very motivating staff encouraging us to continue when our legs began to tire. Throughout the tour, there were water stations to hydrate us, and the nomads made their appearance to make the challenging moments laugh.

And finally, get the photo package. We were posing and smiling the whole Race at the photographers who captured our passionate, tired, excited, but happy faces.

The Bravest Race Nomad Edition has been the best experience I’ve had this year. If you’re one of those who love challenges and are already planning your resolutions for next year, I recommend you write it down because it will help you get in shape and lead a healthy life so that you arrive on the big day prepared to give your best.

The best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor  nomads

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The best moments of the Bravest Race 2022 in Xplor