Fly like an expert 

In the best adventure park of the Riviera Maya 

The Xplor zip-lines are the most wanted activity of the park thanks to its height. Its length and the magnificent scenery that surrounds both circuits. Over time, I can even say that it has become my favorite activity of them all! If you have never glided through the Xplor zip-lines, here you can find a few tips that will help you enjoy them to the fullest. Some of them may seem logical, but there are others that only an expert is able to recommend, take note! 

1.- First stop: the bathroom 

Surely it had not occurred to you, but now that you think about it, you realize that it is the most logical step to start with this adventure. The journey through all the zip-lines is approximately 45 minutes and there are no toilets along the way. Although it is possible to leave the circuit to go to the nearest bathroom. You will not want to deviate and interrupt the fun. Just because your bladder could not hold in the juices or milkshakes of Xplor that you took before you started. With that said, it is easy to understand why going to the bathroom before starting the zip-line circuit is the best decision. 

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2.- Don’t forget the warmup 

We know that zip-line activities are not especially known for representing a great physical effort. On the contrary, we trust that once fastened to the harness, we can relax and enjoy the scenery and the wind on our faces. However, Xplor is the park with the highest zip-lines in Riviera Maya. In addition to having a total of 14 zip-lines divided into two circuits. How did you think you would get to all of them? Let’s start walking! While it is not an overwhelming hiking trail, it is important to warm the joints in your feet and legs a little. Just to wake them up before you start. You will thank us, especially once you start feeling the weight on your legs. 

 3.- Get yourself a good outfit 

Save your best sunglasses and your huge beach hat. The one that is the latest fashion trend in the Greek islands. At the moment, we do not celebrate Xplor’s Fashion Week. So you will have to get an outfit that, beyond highlighting your taste for fashion, must fulfill a function of comfort and practicality for an activity such as zip-lines. In some you are going to get wet, so be sure to bring your swimsuit and some good water shoes. As well as fresh and light clothes that will allow you to move from one tower to another or climb stairs. 

4.- Relax, the breaks work fine 

It’s true, once you speed up you feel like you won’t stop but don’t worry, the brakes are very effective. Xplor is proud to be a park with an extensive list of safety certifications with international standards. This is reflected in the use and management of the equipment, as well as in the training of personnel. If there is something you can put your trust in for zip-lines, it’s in the equipment offered and the service of the guides that receive you in each tower. 

5.- Don’t think about the height 

Perhaps it’s a lot to ask for considering that, not many lines ago, we mentioned that Xplor has the highest zip-lines in Riviera Maya, one of them being up to 45 m high. However, once you are at the top of the tower, you forget the distance you are from the ground and stop to appreciate the stunning beauty only possible to perceive from the heights. From here, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel are visible. As well as the lush green of the Maya jungle and the blue of the Caribbean Sea in the distance. Flying here seem striking, but the feeling it generates is unparalleled. 

6.- The harness is your new best friend 

We already mentioned how important your security is for Xplor, but it’s worth remembering that it is also up to you to follow the instructions to the letter. The harness that you are going to be placed in to do the zip-line activity is one of the key pieces to make your experience a very fun one. Make sure it fits a T. If it squeezes you from somewhere, or on the contrary, you feel it very loose, notify one of the guides to have it adjusted correctly. Once mounted on the cable, put yourself in the instructed position and let yourself go. 

7.- Take advantage of those picture-perfect landscapes  

Between the sky, the clouds, the treetops and the hidden mysteries inside the jungle. You will have at your disposal a series of scenarios worthy of the postcards with the most beautiful landscapes. Do not miss the opportunity to be a witness in your own flesh instead of being content with mere photographs that will never measure up. 

8.- A good memory is worth more than a thousand words 

Although the memory that remains in our hearts is invaluable, we cannot always rely entirely on our deceptive brain. The one that on its own decides to forget even the card pin for the ATM! Therefore, it is advisable to take with you something that at least serves as a reminder whenever you want to recall your trip through the Xplor zip-lines. The gift shops of the park are full of fun souvenirs that, even in the future, will take you directly to those moments lived. Of course, if you want something not only to remember but also to show off, buy your photo package! 

9.- Get some proof! 

The truth is that a visit to Xplor is an amazing opportunity that not everyone can say they have lived. You, just by being at the foot of the first tower of the zip-line circuit, are in a privileged position and nobody will judge you if you want to have the greatest amount of evidence to show off to your friends and family. In addition to your photo package, there are more ways to get both photos and videos from the heights. However, there are restrictions that you must take into account. If you are going to take a camera with you, make sure that it can be attached to your helmet or vest. Because they won’t allow you to go up with loose things since they are at risk of falling. 

10.- Full belly, happy heart 

After a day in Xplor, having traveled its 14 zip-lines, the one who starts to growl is our stomach. Take advantage of the acclaimed buffet available at El Troglodita restaurant and satisfy even the fiercest hunger. There are options for all tastes, plus you can serve yourself as many times as you want! However, the most important thing is that you will gain back the energy you consumed during your zip-line journey.  

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A great experience comes to an end, thoughts come and go. But the most important thing is to enjoy this adventure through the air. Of course, a couple of tips from the experts always come in handy to make your experience the best possible. And why not? Become an expert too. You already know that practice makes perfect.