A night adventure in the Riviera Maya

Xplor Fuego is an Adventure Park located ten minutes away from Playa del Carmen in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It opens in the evening so it is mainly at night. Here, you can do zip lines, drive through the jungle in amphibious cars, swim and raft in Underground Rivers among other activities.

We were very curious to know what our Xplorers think of their experience in Xplor Fuego, so we asked them through a post on Facebook. The result surprised us. If you are not sure whether to go to Xplor by day or night, continue reading.

Every time we talk about our trip Xplor ALWAYS comes up as our most favorite time. We went in the evening which was great! Less heat, fewer people, and more fun! Can’t wait to do it again! – Mary Boucher

The best part of our honeymoon!!! Such a magical experience! – Daysi Castro

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I loved it. Day and night were both awesome. Can’t wait to go again! – Corrin Downey

The best Indiana Jones dream I’ve ever had! – Nicholas Whitaker

Magic – Miguel Hwang

The most fun ever – Karen Schneider Miller

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A night to remember  – Sunnie Justin Arnold-Maxwell

Awesome! Every second – Desean Owns

EPIC – A. Yvonne Smith

If you’ve also lived this experience, tell us, how would you describe your night in Xplor Fuego?