Xplor has a wonderful way to get into an adventure and give us a smile to overcome each of our fears. The experience becomes more exciting when touring the jungle at sunset. Xplor Fuego offers us the option to enjoy an unlimited night adventure. But like any night out, we wonder how late it all ends or how we will return to our hotel. In the following points, you can solve what are the transportation options for Xplor Fuego and more questions that may come up at the time of making your reservation. 

Public transport 

From Cancun or Playa del Carmen 

You can go to the bus station downtown and buy your ticket to Playa del Carmen, which will cost you around $80 Mexican pesos. The journey is just over an hour and you will reach the tourist station of “Quinta Avenida”.  From this point, you will take a left on this avenue, the first street is on the left and two blocks away, where you will find the vans that take you to Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Get on that one and you will be arriving at your destination in approximately 15 minutes. 

The road is short and once there, it is important to be aware that just when you see the entrance tower to Xcaret, that’s your exit. We recommend that you tell the driver that you will get off at Xcaret, so that he can take it into account when he is about to arrive. Xplor can be seen from the other side of the road. The ideal time to arrive and take advantage of the whole park in good weather is at 5:30 pm. 

For your return, the same option is available. However, we suggest being 15 minutes before 11 pm, since the transportations on the road begin to be scarce. The bus stop is illuminated. Be guided by the Xplor entrance sign, try to take the same transport line where you arrived. 

The cost of a round trip Cancun – Xplor Fuego by public transport is approximately $200 pesos per person. It is important to carry some cash in case it’s necessary. 

  • Economical, it is the cheapest option. 
  • The trip will take at least two hours from Cancun. 

From the Riviera Maya or the taxi option 

In the Riviera Maya, the hotel offer is extensive and access to the road from some hotels is sometimes a bit complicated. It may take a little longer to get to the point where public transport is taken. 

In this case, I would recommend booking the transportation through the official Xplor website. You will find it easier and more comfortable since you’ll be picked up at your hotel in a specified schedule. At the end of the adventure, they will take you back to the lobby of your hotel. Later in this article, we’ll show you how to book. 

Another factor you should consider is that, due to the location of some hotels, taxi prices may increase. In case you want to take a taxi, we recommend requesting a price tab in your hotel, depending on the location where you are, the cost may vary. 

For your return, the same applies. In the store Hasta la Vista you will find a price tab to know the cost of a shared or private transportation to the hotel where you stay. 


Time: speed and privacy when going by taxi. 


Prices: the cost can be very high. 

Book transportation by the official website 

This method is the simplest of all. You can add transportation at the time of purchasing your park admission. Once the purchase is made, this can no longer be done online. However, in case you have already bought your tickets to Xplor Fuego and you have not booked transportation, you can do it by calling the Contact Center on the following phones: 

Cancun: 998-883-3143 

Playa del Carmen: 984-206-0038 

USA / Canada: 1-855-326-0682 

Brazil: 0-800-892-3371 

Argentina: 0800-122-0384 

Venezuela: 0-800-162-7384 

Colombia: 01-800-952-0705 

Spain: 900-965-224 

Chile: 0-800-835-016 

In order for your transportation service to work correctly, it is important for you to be at the hotel lobby ten minutes before the pickup time. For the return: once in the park you’ll be told where to wait for the return transport as well as the time. This option is the most comfortable and safe for you to spend a day full of fun. 

Book your entrance and transportation here.

  • Safety and comfort: feel free to enjoy the adventure. 

If you go by car 

If you have your own car or rent one, this is one of the fastest and most practical options, especially if you live in the area. Getting there is very easy, you must take the Federal highway to Chetumal, it takes around one hour depending on the traffic from Cancun and only ten minutes from Playa del Carmen. You will see a lot of signs on the road upon arrival. 

Take the entrance to Xcaret and follow the signs that will tell you where to return. You will go back to the Federal highway and see Xplor on the right side. There, you will find plenty of free parking space and the park staff will help you find the best place for your car. We also recommend keeping your car locked to avoid any misfortune. 

  • Speed: You can handle your own time.
  • Increased fatigue from driving. 

There are many transportation options to get to Xplor Fuego and you can choose the one that suits you best. You will undoubtedly live a great adventure in Xplor Fuego.