Xplor Fuego: The Best Place If You’re Traveling Alone

March 06, 2019

A Solo Trip is one of those things

that seems scarier in theory than in actual practice.

I never had the opportunity to live an adventure with myself, but I can say that after living it, I am no longer afraid to do it again. Doing activities alone is not bad at all; you are free to do what YOU want and overcome the challenge of undertaking adventures without company: independence buddy.

I went to Xplor Fuego, an adventure park located in the Riviera Maya of Xcaret Group. My experience started when I took the bus to get to the park. The whole way was delightful as I mentally prepared myself with an excellent adventurous style playlist, so at the time I got off the bus, I was the daughter of Indiana Jones.

The guide that leads us throughout the journey until our arrival in Xplor Fuego told us about the park dynamic, activities and the food locations, in the end, they mentioned: “there are no roads to follow,  you are the owners of your time.'

On our way to the park, the sky was very cloudy, I thought: “sure they will tell us that we can not do anything cause the rain', it turned out to be the opposite, as soon as you enter the park there is an exciting vibe; the staff at the check-in ensure you won’t regret this fantastic adventure.

At the moment you enter the park, you can appreciate the atmosphere of a real caveman. To complement your outfit, they give you a helmet, an item you CAN’T take out of your head: first: for safety and second: because the mask has a chip with which cameras throughout the park can locate your position and take pictures from the best spots.

The first thing I wanted to do was the zip lines, they are the highest in all Quintana Roo, and even though I do not like heights, I was in my adventure role so, I just thought “go big or go home.'  

What can I say? The truth is, an experience like that, as they say: must be seen to be believed, and indeed if you do not live in flesh and blood, there are no words to convey the emotion and freedom that is felt being flying admiring the landscape. At the end of the circuit, you enjoy a different type of zip line, a swing in which you land inside an underground river.

The next activity was aboard amphibious vehicles, in a few words: are all-terrain vehicles that take you on a journey through the jungle by hanging bridges, caverns, and a waterfall. My role as the daughter of  Indiana Jones fell short, the adrenaline I felt driving in the dark through the jungle, turned to be a Jurassic Park adventure.

When I finished, I went to the Rafts to reassure the adrenaline, where it was clear that Xplor is a place for travel alone, they offer you the option of a single or double raft. The activity consists of a tour on a raft where you paddle with your hands, all for a circuit in the Underground Rivers surrounded by extraordinary rock formations with thousands of years. The experience is fantastic and the arms exercise, brutal.

Finally, my belly was roaring like a caveman, and I went straight to the buffet restaurant called “Troglodita,' where you can find Mexican food, salad bar, meat cuts, snacks, desserts and much more. The taste is magnificent, and yes, I went rolling to the bus.

In conclusion, Travel Alone is an experience that you need to live at least once a year, it helps you to get to know you and experience a different type of trip, which at the same time, allows you to meet new people and leave behind your comfort zone. Xplor is a very recommended park for all kinds of people: families, couples and friends, but I assure you that you’ll have an experience accompanied and very different by yourself…

Don’t fear traveling alone, be ready for a life-changing experience.

Comunicóloga por conciencia y diseñadora por convicción. Disfruto del aire libre, la pizza, Stranger Things y la idea de cambiar el mundo.


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