Turn on your emotions.  

And enjoy this nighttime adventure. 

The long-awaited return of Xplor Fuego is finally done and we had the opportunity to live this experience (some for the first time) to enjoy it. We lived the adventure under this new normal life and this is how it looked 

Arriving at Xplor Fuego was one of the best sensations I have had in a while. The entrance had torches, the staff invited us to follow the safety and hygiene measures as they do, and the visitors prepared to live an unforgettable night filled me with excitement. 

The schedule of this allinclusive park in the Riviera Maya is from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. I recommend you arrive early so that you can enjoy with it to the fullest. 

There are safety protocols everywhere! Staff members wearing face masks and providing disinfectant gel, taking the temperature of each visitor, signs on the ground with marks indicating how to maintain a healthy distance, and signs in the lockers and stores that invite you to follow the measures of the 360° Xafety protocol.

Torches represent the combination of fire and night. The caverns and the sounds of nightlife in the Maya jungle welcome you to this adventure while you realize that you are about to live one of the best experiences in Riviera Maya.


Yes, the use of face masks is mandatory during all activities. But more than seeing it as mandatory, it is good to see it as a necessary measure to continue having fun responsibly.

After waiting for our turn at the designated places, we arrived at the ticket office. There, we were handed previously disinfected helmets. Then, they gave us the option of putting on our bracelets or, if we desired, we could put them on.   

They also mentioned the main security measures that you must follow during all activities: 

  • Wear the mask at all times.
  • Apply disinfecting gel in each station that we find.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters with other visitors.

Don’t worry about your photos. You can uncover your face and smile in every Xelfie spot you find, but remember to put the mask back on so we all respect each other while having fun.


Visits to the stores are always necessary and that is why we do not miss the opportunity to visit the Xplor stores to prepare very well before starting all the activities and, why not, take some souvenirs with us.

In addition to seeing a variety of Xplor Fuego swimsuits, towels, and water shoes, we found face masks with different designs and colors so that you feel in tune with the park.

These were really comfortable and the models are designed so that you can enjoy water activities too. There are also disinfecting gels and masks, a complete kit for you to have fun safely. After this stop, we felt ready to start the night!


At the entrance, you will receive the key to your locker. Lockers are previously disinfected and assigned to the visitors before start the adventure. They are designated at a proper distance so you feel safe, comfortable and sure that there will be no crowding every time you want to change your clothes.

Remember that you can leave all your personal belongings there, but do not forget to close them tightly and make sure to take each of your belongings with you at the end of the night.


You can see the disinfection processes for each piece of equipment before doing the activities. Knowing this will allow you to feel calm during the night. These processes also apply to surfaces we touch before, during, and after the activities.


As I told you at the beginning, the helmets are disinfected before being delivered to you. One of the indications that has always existed in Xplor is that we must use them at all times except lunchtime. No one else will have contact with your helmet. If you wish to disinfect your helmet again after your meal at the restaurant, you can do it at the disinfecting gel stations that you will find throughout the park.


At the entrance and exit of the rivers, we can see the disinfection process and the protocol they follow so that visitors can use them in complete safety. 

1.They submerge the used lifejackets in a giant jar with water, soap, and disinfectant. 

2.They take them out and rinse them with a hose. 

3.They spread them out in an area to hand them out to the following visitors. 

Hand-paddles and rafts

Before using the hand-paddles and getting on the rafts, they disinfect your hands with antibacterial gel and provide you with sanitized rafts and paddles. At the end of the tour, the same protocol is followed, respecting the disinfection and distancing processes.


In the zip-line area, the staff will disinfect the harnesses before handing it over to the visitors and maintaining the established distance. The staff will help you place it using gloves, thus avoiding direct contact.


The hammocks are disinfected with a spray bottle after use so that the following visitors can use them with confidence.


We waited so long for Xplor Fuego’s return. I wanted to know how the activities would be now, and it was a great surprise to see that they did not change in nature. Security measures remain the same because, being an adventure park, we must follow strict security protocols. The only difference is the new measures we mentioned before.

There are traffic lights that have been there since the beginning but help us even more now. These tell us which activities are more crowded and which ones have fewer people so you can organize yourself to do them all.


The main activity and star of Xplor Fuego are zip-lines. For this reason, I recommend that before venturing to live this great experience, you verify that the traffic light is green, since it is usually a very demanded activity and everyone wants to do it first or last.

It is important to know that in this activity we must wait for the visitors who are in front of us to reach the next tower so that we can glide over the Maya jungle in order to avoid accidents and crowds.

Amphibious vehicles 

Another favorite activity is the amphibious vehicle ride! Feeling the adrenaline of driving through the jungle at night is one of the best sensations. I loved being able to hear the sounds of the jungle and passing through the caverns and torch-lit pathways.

The waiting time here is not so short because we must wait for the guides to carefully disinfect the vehicles so that we can all enjoy this adventure. However, I assure you that it is very worth it, you will love it.


One of the best aquatic activities for those who want to mentalize first before getting on the zip lines is hammock-splash. To do this activity, the guide gave us a previously disinfected hammock, and later we made a line respecting the distance and waiting for our turn since only one person can pass at a time.


In this activity, they give you the sanitized paddles and rafts. As you will be paddling in an individual or double raft, depending on which one you choose, you will have no contact with any other visitor and the raft helps you keep your distance. This activity will test your skill and coordination.

Stalactite river

Finally, the stalactite river! This scenery is spectacular because after walking along the caverns, you will see how the red and orange lights allude to a lava-like river that looks very cool. The best part is that entering the water and cooling off after doing all the other activities.

 Remember that it is necessary to wear a mask at all times. As a tip, you can use the face mask that the park sells as they dry super fast. You can also go back to the locker and get a second face mask at the end of the activity.


After and before such an energetic and adventurous night, it is healthy to stay hydrated and eat well to recharge. Of course, we took the opportunity to do it because our ticket includes the food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Oasis and Manantial

These places are two perfect stations before starting the adventure or while walking to the next activity. Both offer a variety of snacks and beverages for different tastes.

We took the opportunity and ate churros, tamales and drank fruit juices. You will also find hot chocolate and other warm beverages. I recommend that you visit it more than once and take advantage of the fact that it is unlimited.


For a complete meal, you’ll find Troglodita, Xplor Fuego’s restaurant. This is an assisted buffet restaurant open at 7:00 p.m.

To get in, we had to line up, but since we arrived early, we were among the first to be assigned a table. Here, the distance between visitors is also respected, both at the tables and at the food bars.

There are one or two people in each food bar who deliver your plate and serve you the food according to what you ask. The service is quick, but if you see that there are too many people in line, please wait patiently at your table for your turn.

Beverages and cutlery will be delivered to your table.


After a long time wanting to know Xplor Fuego, I finally had the opportunity and had an incredible time.

The experience of living these five adventures at night is incredible. All the staff makes you feel in a safe environment with all the safety and hygiene protocols implemented.

If you are looking for an adventure avoiding the sun and heat of the Riviera Maya, Xplor Fuego is the best option. In addition to all the activities, you can eat and hydrate as many times as you want. It is worth living it!