A sporting event in Tulum, Mexico? 

How? When? Why? Keep reading to know everything about the Xel-Há Triathlon.


Let’s start by introducing Xel-Há, in case you still don’t know about this Mexican Natural Wonder.   

 In this beautiful part of the Riviera Maya called Tulum, there’s a natural park that has been one of the national and international traveler’s favorites for more than 20 years.  

This park is called Xel-Há, and its main attraction is a big inlet that connects the Caribbean Sea with an underground river and freshwater cenotes that are part of the Sac Aktun System, one of the many caves systems that exist in the Yucatan Peninsula. Since the time of the ancient Maya, they called this place Xel-Há, which means: “where water is born.” 

In addition to these beautiful inlets, lagoons, cenotes, and caves, Xel-Há has 70 hectares of land, of which approximately 60 are ecological reserves formed by a low jungle and mangrove. This place is home to more than 100 species and 230 plants, flowers, and trees.  

This magical natural place is an adventure park all year round, but once a year, it also becomes home to a sporting event called Xel-Há Triathlon. 


In short words, they created this event as a reason to celebrate the park’s birthday in a fun and original way. Grupo Xcaret obtained the concession to open Xel-Há park on November the 16th; after 15 years of operating, the triathlon was born with a sustainable vision and great success. 

In addition to celebrating Xel-Há’s birthday, the intention of this event was and continues to be to promote the sports culture in Quintana Roo state. Although today there are more and more sporting events in this area of Mexico, it hasn’t always been this way; it was a big step to growing the sports culture in our community.    

Here we leave you some precious memories of the first Xel-Há Triathlon in 2009

Yes, as strange as it sounds, a sporting event in Xel-Há Park. Discover its purpose! This Triathlon Green Sport was born in 2009 in Tulum.

Xel-Há has celebrated its birthday for several years, but this year is different. The twelfth edition of the Xel-Há Triathlon is special because of the two-year pause for pandemic reasons; everyone is very happy to receive all the triathletes again in the park.  

To date, Xel-Há has received thousands of triathletes of different categories, ages, and nationalities to live the experience of dedication, improvement, and discipline and cross the finish line of one of the most beautiful triathlons in Mexico.


If you are a triathlete ready to register, go directly to our website and read all about this year’s call. The date on which this sporting event will take place in Tulum will be November 19 and 20, 2022.  

As in all previous years, the categories that will compete are:   

  • Elite  
  • Relay  
  • Olympic  
  • Sprint  
  • Children  
  • Novices only 
Xel-Há Triathlon Categories

You can see all the details about the ages and distances of each category here: https://www.triatlonxelha.com/en/categories 

Registrations will be open during August. Here you can find all the details of the call if you are interested in participating: https://www.triatlonxelha.com/en/official-invitation/  


Real fact. It’s not only because athletes have the opportunity to swim, run and ride a bike in a Natural Wonder full of life. It’s also because Grupo Xcaret donates all the profits from the registration fees to conservation programs of species of Flora, Fauna, and Culture of Mexico A.C. That’s why this sports event is known as the “Triathlon Green Sport.” 

Inside Xel-Há Park, you will find a protected beach guarded by a turtle camp where thousands of sea turtles nest during the May-October season every year. It’s very noble and hard work that turtles and volunteers do to help preserve this vital specie for our ecosystems.  

You can learn more about these programs here: Sea Turtle Conservation Program.  

Spread the word and share this blog with athletes who love nature because this event is definitely for them.