If The Xel-Há Triathlon Could Speak

November 10, 2017

8 Years Ago I Chose Xel-Há As My Home

And I Can’t Wait To See You Again


5:00 AM- The alarm goes on, and it’s time to wake up. The day that you and I have been waiting for a whole year is finally here. The rest of the city is still asleep, but you and I have a significant test ahead.

Take all the things you left ready the night before: your running shoes, helmet, and bike. It’s time to get that tri suit on and do the job you enjoy the most, it’s time to do the triathlon.

The sun is not up yet, and I’m already waiting for you. The weather couldn’t be more perfect, the inlet temperature is ideal for a good swim.

I’m so excited to see everyone, experienced triathletes from different parts of Mexico and the rest of the world, brave women who are ready for their first competition, parents and children together. All of them prepared for this fantastic day.

Everything is ready for the last competition from the National Serie Season. The competitiveness and passion can be felt in the environment.




The sun begins to rise. I see you had already set your stuff in the transition zone, we just now must wait for the “ready, set go.” People begin to get ready, and I am excited about everyone. Everyone has a different goal in their mind and heart.

It’s your turn to stand on the platform. You see yourself surrounded by friends and opponents. Nerves increase. You are all set, and for just a second you hear nothing but your own breathing. As soon as you begin swimming you remember the reason why you love this sport.



I love to see everybody having fun and enjoying the competition. While you swim, you can see all of the marine life that lives here. A unique route, different from any other. People from the audience who is waiting for their family and friends cheering up people who pass by to the transition area doesn’t matter if they know each other. You can feel the energy from the audience on the air, and it spreads to the athletes.



The swimming took less than you expected, you run fast to the transition zone. I can see it on your face, focused while you run towards your bike. In less than a minute you put your helmet on and begin pedaling.

Even though this might be a competition, the support between competitors can be seen. Cyclists helping others to go faster. You find a cyclists group, and this helps you to keep a good pace, and before you notice, you are heading into transition heading to the last part of this competition.



You get off your bike, put your running shoes on. And before I could even notice, you begin running.

This is the last part of the competition, and I can see it in your face, you are tired. But it doesn’t stop you from increasing your pace in every mile. Spectators cheer you up with their encouraging words. I also wanted to cheer you up myself, and I hang a couple of signs to show you my support.



I’ve never seen you running this fast. While you begin to run over the bridge towards the finish line, we both know it’s time to leave your soul at every step. This is the reason why you wake up every morning to train.

I get excited when I see you running faster as soon as you listen to the music and you are able to see the audience, it helps you to forget about the pain and fatigue. You rise your pace even more on the last meters. You finish with a movie sprint, You’re done!



I was already waiting for you in the recovery zone to give you the medal you earned with every drop of sweat. Your teammates were already waiting for you. Nothing better than finishing and enjoying a beer with your friends.


I am so happy for you, I love to see the passion that all of you share for this sport. No doubt it’s worth waiting for a year to see you again. You can’t stop smiling, and you know that it has been worth the effort, you already think that you can’t wait for next year.

We might be new or old friends. But during this two days, I always try to give you the best of me. I prepare every detail with a lot of anticipation to make sure that everything is perfect for you. In the end, we both have lessons to learn and improve for next year.

I will be waiting for you with open arms, ready to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

I am your friend, I am Xel-há Triathlon.


Siempre en busca del próximo viaje. Me gusta reír, disfrutar del sol y la playa. Amante de los retos,  y los ratos en familia.


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