Learn about the incredible

Xel-Há’s triathlon


I’m sure you have heard about the beauty of Xel Há, and how you can connect with nature thanks to its incredible crystalline water and the fantastic view of the Riviera Maya from the lighthouse. Of course, the buffets are an essential part of your visit to this piece of heaven on earth, but can you imagine a certified competition here?


Well… Xel-Há’s Triathlon is one of the most expected sports events of the Riviera Maya, and here I’ll tell you why you can’t miss it and if you’ve already subscribed to it, why you’ll enjoy it more than you think.


Green Triathlon




We are very worried about sustainability. Therefore we work hard to make the Xel-Há’s Triathlon a green event, blocking the use of regular sunblocks, or separating waste to make easier it’s recycling. Also, we donate the entire amount of the inscription fee to Flora, Fauna y Cultura de México.

Also, your participation in the Xel-Há’s Triathlon will help a magnificent animal to survive thanks to the program of protection to the marine turtle.


The beauty of Xel-Há’s Triathlon




Among the spirit of competition all the good vibes that come with it, the positive energy of a natural place with amazing views like Xel-Há will motivate you more than you think. Seeing the clear water and the sunrise from the Caribbean sea is everything you need to give your best effort to accomplish this Triathlon.


A perfect event for families




If you will participate and you want your family to support you, Xel-Ha’s Triathlon is perfect because they will be able to enter into de park and, appreciate the beauty of it and cheer you up in the transition zones. Also, as a participant, you’ll get a special price for 5 of your friends or family to spend an incredible day in this park.


Emotions and feelings




Sports are perfect for connecting with yourself and, to overcome almost every problem you could have. The emotions and feelings that you’ll see and feel during this competition are something that you’ve never felt before. So, enjoy it, if you’re going to participate or you’re accompanying someone, Xel-Há’s Triathlon will not disappoint you.

Are you ready to live this fantastic event?