A great show accompanied by an exquisite dinner.

The sunset begins to set, the candles are lit as the moment approaches, the voice announces the beginning, and everything is ready. The hunger for emotion is satiated while the show starts. At this time the first course that is filled with all types of flavor sensations awaits to be experienced by you. The first dish makes its appearance, giving way to México Espectacular’s Dinner at Xcaret.


The magic of the México Espectacular begins from the moment you arrive at the Gran Tlachco. Gradually people take their place and when you least realize it. The shows start and the sway of emotions start to take over. But what would become of all these emotions without delighting an exquisite meal?

The México Espectacular Dinner is ideal to enjoy the event along with various dishes. It is worth mentioning that the appetizers are very small portions. It will delight your appetite and prepare your taste buds for the main dishes.

Mexican truffle 

The drink arrives, with varied options of infusions and wines that can help accompany your meal. I recommend you try the first dish with white wine. This first dish is a Mexican truffle, which is made from mashed corn pure with textures of huitlacoche. 

In Mexico huitlacoche is a very popular ingredient, it is a fungus that grows in corn which has very good properties such as important amino acids that the body needs. While in many other countries it is burned, in Mexico it is consumed so often, that since back in the time of the Aztecs. As it flowered in the center of the country it was considered as “the food of the gods”. 

Shrimp and sausage salbut from Valladolid 

There are things that if you did not enjoy it when you traveled somewhere, it’s as if you had never gone, and trying the Valladolid sausage is one of them. Coming to the Yucatan Peninsula should become a culinary experience with a wide variety of dishes that can be found at this magnificent place. This entree brings you a little closer to the culture of the south of Mexico. 

At the México’s Espectacular Dinner, you will find this dish with a presentation over a salbut. Which is a typical Yucatecan dish consisting of a thick tortilla as a base with a stew on top? In addition to the sausage, there is also a shrimp stew cook in a banana leaf. 

Fresh tuna aguachile with guanabana 

An aguachile is a dish very popular in the northern part of the country, from the following Pacific coastal states: Sinaloa, Nayarit, Sonora, and Baja California.  

The tuna comes from Ensenada and tanned in sour orange. It acquires a flavor that will further delight your appetite and leave a fresh sensation of the magnificent flavors and prepare you for the following dishes. In addition, the aguachile has a touch of guanabana and serrano peppers that make this combination something exotic. But do not worry, it is not too spicy. It is suitable for everyone. 


México Espectacular continues and after a starting out on the right foot, it comes the time for a delicious entree. 

Organic salad 

Here the portions begin to gradually increase. We prolong the trend of freshness with an organic lettuce salad, with an exquisite custard of goat cheese, served with blueberries, mashed beets, buds, and edible flowers, seasoned with vinaigrette dressing. The flowers give an unexpected and delicious twist to the dish. 

Smoked Strand Cheese Cream 

This entry perfectly represents the mixture of two cultures; the Spanish and Mesoamerican. Served with quince jam (a sweet made with quince), epazote foam and ash of tartar peppers that will give you that contrast of flavors that you rarely could have experienced before. 

Main Course  

This part is always my favorite. Without a doubt, when you have your appetite at its ideal point, your just about ready to enjoy the show, the ecstasy comes to fullness. You can choose between any of the following three dishes. Ask for the vegetarian option if necessary. 

Caribbean Lobster 

Fresh and with very soft meat, a dish of butter-roasted lobster tail, lemon, with roasted pineapple puree, avocado puree and coriander. Each ingredient perfectly fulfilling the goal of giving you the ideal balance. That will make you savor every one of its flavors within each bite. 

Suckling Pig Tacos  

Better known as ‘Lechon’ In Spanish. Used to refer to the roast piglet, as lechón has drifted linguistically to mean any roasted pig. With slow cooking, served on handmade tortillas. Accompanied by beans with holy leaf, mashed avocado with pipicha and purple onions along with xcatik chili. Another dish that has a long tradition behind. Each option is totally different in flavors, but absolutely delicious, not forgetting the incredibly homemade seasoning of this dish. 


After living a culinary overflow full of flavors, definitely comes the sweetness of a dessert that will pleasantly surprise you due to its magnificent presentation. 

Xcaret pot 

Just as its name describes it, It is a pot made of a cream cake accompanied by a stew of red fruits and creamy passion fruit served with cocoa and orange as the soil of the pot. This is the most mind-blowing presentation of all the dishes. The tastes live up to the hype, it is absolutely delicious, in every sense of the word. Ideal to finish off this spectacular dinner. 

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Undoubtedly, live an unforgettable experience with the best view of the Gran Tlachco. A very comfortable place to sit, an ideal Mexican wine to accompany your dishes, a dinner that brings out the best of Mexican culture. Always ready to delight all your senses and feel the flavors of the México Espectacular’s Dinner at Xcaret. 

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