3 Tropical flowers you’ll find in the Caribbean

March 01, 2021

 Tropical flowers are proof of the world’s variety

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change”

― Buddha

When making a trip we always discover new things that surprise us and make us rejoice. It happens while we go by car or walking, whether on the beach or maybe in the city, there is always a moment when we stop to look at what caught our eye.

We take a photo to share on social media with friends and loved ones. Sometimes we let ourselves be carried away by nature and the landscape, which allow us to discover new animals, food and in this case, flowers.

 1- Shoeblackplant, the best known tropical flower

The shoeblack plant is also known as Chinese Hibiscus for the similarity to it’s cousin from which is drawn the famous flavoured water: Jamaica. It’s a plant of subtropical and tropical areas, which represents abundance, joy and happiness. This is mainly due to its large size as well as its colourful variety in warm colours such as yellow, red and orange, symbol that, if it stays under the sun, it will bloom all year long. It has an aura of energy, don’t you think?

hibiscus 3 tropical flowers you´ll in the caribbean

If you are a fan of tropical climates or have seen movies about a vacation in Hawaii or Cancun you may know by sight our first friend, as she is a symbol of the richness of rainforests in paradisiacal places.

2- Wallflower 

Our second friend is well known in the Yucatán territory by the name Nicte or Nikte. It’s a plant of tropical and warm areas. It’s flowering and colour depends on the type of flower that we come across. It is easy to distinguish its three varieties, it is only a matter of stopping to observe carefully.

plumeria rubra 3 tropical flowers you´ll find in the caribbean

Types of wallflower 

-The first of the varieties is the plumeria frangipani, characterized by its peaceful white colour with a yellow centre. It blooms from spring to autumn.

-The plumeria rubra comes in different colours, from pink, yellow and white: It has a perfumed aroma and it’s also the most tolerant to climate changes, so you can see it even blooms in early summer. Its petals are a little more chopped.

-The fiddle leaf plumeria, contrary to its companions, has no aroma and is characterized by the unique shape in its petals. It blooms from March to September.

These flowers like to be in humid places. Because of it, it’s common to see them surrounding cenotes, dressing them with their attractiveness.

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Our last friend is a well-known oleander flower, also called Balandre or Nerium. It’s a tropical plant that grows quickly in warm climates. It normally blooms during the spring season in which it shows its white and pink colours. Their beauty is considered exotic, and we agree with that, it’s just a matter of looking closely at those colours.

oleander 3 tropical flowers you´ll find in the caribbean

Being able to grow in warm climates allows it to be a flower that can be found in countries such as Venezuela, Costa Rica, Argentina and Paraguay. In addition, it doesn’t need much care, watering it at least four times a week it’s enough.

Don’t forget!

It is important to note that many tropical climate flowers have resins which have toxic substances so they should grow outdoors, where they can develop their life cycles in a safe way, and for no reason should be consumed.

vacations in the caribbean

It is our duty to be able to take care of the flora of the diverse ecosystems. Remember that they need the conditions and the place to continue to grow. They are part of the natural cycles of which we are all part of, from the smallest insects to us. We are all on the same planet.

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What do flowers mean to us?

In Mexico, flowers represent an important attribute to life. They are part of our culture in ceremonies, traditions and even as ornaments that characterize us in our typical garments. One of our hidden secrets are the tropical flowers which are born as the beautiful fruit of a plant.

The world is full of things that amaze us, but something that is always unconsciously present in our daily lives is flowers. We give them to people when we feel love, friendship and even in difficult moments to make our support known. Sometimes they are used for medicinal purposes, or simply aesthetic, adorning a beautiful celebration, as accessories. 

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Have you seen any of these flowers? Do you have any photos of one?

tropical flowers you´ll find in the caribbean vacations

Nighttime reader of fairy tales and dragons who likes nature, enjoys adventure and is an enthusiast of the seventh art.


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