Enjoy your weekend visiting Puerto Morelos

 All these adventures in cenotes are close to Cancun

Did you know that between Cancun and Puerto Morelos there is the Cenotes Route? The most experienced travelers know that in this place they will be able to find an infinity of adventures among the jungle of Quintana Roo. Here are concentrated more than twenty incredible cenotes with different activities for all ages.

That’s why we want to help you discover this fascinating area of the Mexican Caribbean by presenting you the 10 cenotes of the Cenotes Route.

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1.- Cenote Mojarras 

It has 214 feet in diameter, 46 feet deep and it’s a beautiful open cenote in the middle of the jungle. It has two platforms so that the most adventurous can jump and swim in its crystal waters.

Cenotes in Puerto Morelos
Photo by elguizarnotegui

2.- Cenote Há

This is one of the four adventures that the Xenotes Tour has. Its crystal clear waters hide a beautiful garden of lilies. Snorkeling here is quite an experience by being surrounded by swallows, bats, and tiny catfish.

Cenotes in Puerto Morelos

3.- Cenote La Noria

The blue waters of this cenote are stunning and beautiful. The Noria is 60 feet deep, 155 feet in diameter, and is part of a group of 3 cenotes called “The Three Kings”, which is located in the Rancho “God’s blessing.”

Cenotes in Puerto Morelos
Photo by landonbtw

4.- Cenote K’áak’

This amazing cenote has a beautiful river so you can swim or float quietly while riding on tires. It is also part of the Xenotes Tour of Experiencias Xcaret.

Cenotes in Puerto Morelos

5.- Cenote Kin Há

It’s another of the natural wonders that Puerto Morelos hides. It’s a beautiful cavern with blue waters that are illuminated by an opening on its roof. It is 132 feet deep.

Photo by Puerto Morelos

6.- Cenote Iik’

Do you like extreme adventures? Cenote Iik ‘is for you. Here you can fly over the cenote through its zip-line circuit and jump from its platform. It’s part of the experiences in Xenotes Tours.

7.- Cenote Verde Lucero

If you still did not have enough with six cenotes, we present one more. The Cenote Verde Lucero is open to the sky, which will allow you to appreciate the vegetation and enjoy the visit of spider monkeys at certain times of the year.

Photo by Mente Urbana

8.-Cenote Lu’um

Can you imagine swimming and rappelling in a cenote? Well, here it’s possible. Cenote Lu’um is an underground cavern where you can descend safely by rappelling to reach its blue waters. It has two platforms for jumping and it’s also part of Xenotes Tours.

9.- Cenote Popol Vuh

In this cenote, you can dive and explore its waters. It’s also one of the furthest from the road making it a perfect place to disconnect from everything and enjoy nature. You should also know that it has cabins so you can stay for the night.

Photo by Mexican Experience

10.- Cenote Zapote

As you can guess its name is because it’s surrounded by zapote trees although many tourists call it “Hells Bells” due to the large number of bell-shaped formations that can be explored diving. It is 171 feet deep and has a platform of 33 feet high for diving.

These are just some of the cenotes that you can find if you dare to visit the Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos. The best of all is that they are near to Cancun and each offers a different way to discover and explore the cenotes in Quintana Roo.

Did you already know them? If you have another cenote in Puerto Morelos you want to share, leave it in the comments.