Recommendations for small children at the Underground Rivers

One of the biggest deciding motives when planning our family vacations comes when we are deciding which activities the little ones can enjoy. If you are going to visit Xcaret, you can be sure that it will be a family-friendly experience, even swimming in underground rivers will be an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Here you will find the following recommendations so that you and your family can enjoy these refreshing crystalline waters that you will find at the Majestic Paradise of Xcaret. 

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Tips for swimming in the rivers of Xcaret with your children-child-swimming

The first thing we have to be aware of is that in the Riviera Maya the temperature is very hot, in summer it is above 30 ° C, so, when entering the river, which has a temperature of 24 ° C, you may experience that the water is cold due to drastic change in temperature.

To fully enjoy this adventure, we recommend the following: 

1-.Make sure to have healthy breakfast on the day of your visit. Carbohydrates and healthy fats area ideal to guarantee good sources of energy. 

2-.Once you arrive at Xcaret, it is normal to want to visit the rivers as soon as possible. But we recommend that you first visit the Aviary and the Butterfly Pavilion to warm up your muscles before entering the water. 

3-. Make sure that everyone drinks lots of water before entering the rivers, it is very important that children are very well hydrated, so they are able to perform the swimming activities.

Inside the river circuit there are emergency exits every 100 meters and bathrooms nearby each one in case anyone needs to utilize them before continuing.  

4-.Choose River Manatí, it’s a lot more relaxed and with views that the little ones will love. 

5-.Let your children enter the water at their own pace. You can lay on the steps while they get used to the temperature of the river, you can also help them by wetting them a little bit, first their face, then their chest.

Once they feel ready, they can enter the water. Another option is that you enter the water first to show them how it’s done and then help then they can gradually enter the water without feeling pressured.  

6-.It’s very important that the kids maintain themselves in constant movement to generate enough body heat. Encourage them to advance through the rivers and to utilize their arms and legs.  

Tips for swimming in the rivers of Xcaret with your children-swim

7-.Do not take off their life jacket while they are in the water.  

8-.Stay close to your children, observe the color of their lips, skin color and reactions. If you notice any strange or abnormal reactions, notify the nearest lifeguard and / or find the nearest exit. 

9-.Remember that if anyone gets tired, feels uncomfortable or wants to go to the bathroom, the rivers have five exits that you can utilize if anyone needs to rest or stop the activity. 

10-.Swimming in such a beautiful place is always a good opportunity to remind your little ones of the importance of caring for the environment.

Talk to them about the need to stop producing garbage, you can tell them that instead of throwing away their toys, books and clothes and buy new ones, their old toys can be repaired and donated or they can be given to other people who would love to have them. 

This will avoid the continuation of the pollution of our planet. 

Remind them also, that they should avoid littering the streets since it often ends up in the sea and that, in addition to depositing it in a trash can, it is very important to separate it into organic and inorganic. 

Tips for swimming in the rivers of Xcaret with your children-child floting-water-of-river

I hope that these recommendations help you to enjoy the Underground Rivers to the fullest along with your family and that everyone has an unforgettable experience. 

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