Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children …

Attending a Mexican fiesta with kids

Kids at Xoximilco.- A trip to Cancun always sounds good for a family vacation. Excellent chance to pass time at the beach or to spend a day full of activities with a tour for all the family.

But as soon as the night comes, everyone may think that Cancun is just about parties and nightclubbing for grown-ups. Now you have arrived at the place where we tell you that’s not exactly true. Since Xoximilco Cancun is a Mexican party to which everyone is invited including children of all ages.

Let’s get more in details about kids at Xoximilco. Is it a good idea or not? Here are some pros and cons

Reasons to visit Xoximilco with children

  • The snacks.- Kids will learn how to prepare a traditional “esquite.” A delicious boiled corn snack. Also, they can try the fresh flavored water.
  • A kermesse.- Before boarding the trajineras, you can play with the kids some traditional fair games like marbles, futsal or target shooting.
  • The trajineras.- This party has its educative side. The host will tell us about traditions and the history of this peculiar barges and the place where they come from.
  • Music.- Kids in Xoximilco will have the chance to see how the Mexican music is played Take a look at the instruments and costumes of a mariachi.
  • Everybody dance!.- This is a good chance to teach the little ones to dance, or maybe they will teach us…
  • Food.- It’s important when traveling to teach kids to try local food. Anyway, if they don’t feel that adventurous, you can ask for a kids menu.
  • Making new friends. Everyone is invited to this party. It is a good chance to meet people from all around the world.
  • Xangarrito.- There are two gift shops at Xoximilco. You will find art crafts and lovely Mexican toys. I’m sure that you will leave with one or two funny things.
  • Delicious desserts. Who doesn’t love candies and desserts? Don’t blame us if your kids become fans of the milled chocolate, a corn flan or a coconut candy.

Not everything is as sweet as a Mexican dessert. Here are some cons to think about.

  • Volume and noise. We have to consider that in almost all the tour we have live music. The volume is not that loud, but we also love to sing. This may be a little bit tired of the little ones.
  • Bathrooms.- Because when you drank a lot of horchata or Jamaican water, the struggle becomes real. Once the trajinera tour starts we only have two chances to visit the bathroom during the party.
  • The weather.- Sometimes the heat and humidity can be strong. During the summer it is pretty hot no matter if it is night time. Of course, we take care about their proper hydration but to be out in this conditions may be tired for them.
  • Do not bother me, mosquito!.- We have plenty of biodegradable bug spray for everyone but it is hard to finish the night without one or two mosquito bites.
  • Baby seats.- You can’t take the stroller with you because there isn’t enough space inside de trajinera. If you visit us with a toddler you may have to carry him during dinner.
  • Ending time.- Little kids (like me) are not used to stay up late at night. Take note that the party may end up close to 12 at night.

Pros and cons have been told! We don’t want to persuade you (maybe yes, a lil’ bit) but if you think about it, cons don’t represent such a big deal. These are points that as guests we can plan. Also, our hosts will do everything they can so kids have a good time celebrating with a Mexican style.

Before you jump to another of our blogs. Kids at Xoximilco from 0 to 4 years old are free. From 5 to 11 years old get half off the adult ticket price.

Would you visit Xoximilco Cancun with children, nephews, or grandchildren?