A family adventure in the Riviera Maya

Little Xplorers

Whoever said Xplor is not for children is very wrong! (although it is clear that you’ll have fun just as one), but this time let us share with you all the options to make your visit with the little ones unforgettable.

Zip-lines, amphibious vehicles and flying hammocks.

One of the favorite activities for the kids and the big ones are the zip lines, although the minimum height in order to be allowed to do this activity is 4ft and 7in. Flying on the zip lines takes much more than a good weight or a great height, because depending on the wind conditions, weather and other important factors, our guides will determine if the little explorers can fly or not.


But don’t worry, if your Xplorer has small size but a big heart, we have an activity we are sure they will love called Hamacuatizaje (hammock water landing).  You will find the hamacuatizaje next to the Troglodita restaurant. This activity is nothing more and nothing less than a hammock –zip-line, where adults and kids can fly over refreshing cenotes and then water land in them.

Caution: You will want to fly more than once in the Hamacuatizaje.


And if your little one was one of those kids who loved to play on their  battery powered cars around the house since their birth, they will definitely love the adventure in our amphibious vehicles. We recommend them to live this experience in the front seat where the can be the co-pilot and detect any obstacles that get in your way..

For the parents, we have the children playground: we suggest to visit the Park with more than one adult, this way you can share the responsibility of taking care of the kids. While some adults do the zip lines and  activities, others can play, paint, and explore with the kids. But don’t worry, at the end the whole tribe can get together to join the best part of the tour: The Troglodita buffet.