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The best family-friendly water activities

Traveling with the family has always been a challenge regardless of how small or big yours is. Everyone wants to do different things, visit different places or try new things, but there will always be something in common, everyone wants to have fun and enjoy being together.

If it’s your turn to be the organizer of the next trip and you don’t know where to start, here we’ll show you 10 water activities that you can do all together if you come to Cancun or the Riviera Maya. In each of them, they will live unique moments that will soon become incredible memories.

If any member of your family does not know how to swim, don’t worry. All these water activities count with mandatory use of lifejacket and/or a professional guide who will always be taking care of the group to the experience in complete safety.

1.- Enjoy a snorkeling adventure 

This adventure is a must on a family trip to the Mexican Caribbean. In Xel-Há and Xcaret you will find two beautiful coves to enjoy together the crystalline waters that surround the Riviera Maya as well as discover all the marine flora & fauna found in the depths.

10 water activities to enjoy with your family

2.- Let’s try Kayaking 

One of the most fun activities to live in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is kayaking. You can choose between incredible scenarios such as Xenotes with its majestic cenotes in the jungle or descend to the depths of Xplor to hop on board small rafts and try to finish the circuit that will take you through stalactites and stalagmites. Xavage also offers this activity with three Kayak circuits and best of all, it is very close to Cancun.

10 water activities to enjoy with your family

3.- Walk undersea with Sea Trek 

Whoever says that walking underwater is impossible for sure has not lived Sea Trek. This adventure can be found at Xcaret or Xel-Há. This activity consists of a special scuba mask that goes on your shoulders and basically lets you see and breathe normally underwater. Walk along and admire the goldfish, manta rays and if you’re lucky, even turtles. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

seatrek acitvity

4.- Dare to swim in a cenote 

These wonders of nature can be found throughout the Yucatán Peninsula. Some cenotes are so large and beautiful that it will be hard to find a point of comparison elsewhere. Swimming in its waters is a unique experience that your family can live on their trip. Xenotes is a tour that can take you to know all the types of cenotes that exist while snorkeling. kayaking, zip-lining, and rappelling.

Cenotes in cancun

5.- Enjoy the only whitewater rapids in Cancun  

If you didn’t know it yet, now is a good time to learn that Xavage park has the highest and longest man-made whitewater rapids circuit in the world and the only one in the whole Yucatán Peninsula. Now imagine the adventure that it would be for you and your family to get on board and live an exciting rafting adventure. You and your family will be at a height of 30 feet and will paddle for a kilometer trying to tame the currents.

whitewater rapids in Cancun

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6.- Swim in underground rivers 

One of the most incredible scenarios that you can visit during your trip to the Riviera Maya is the underground rivers. Xcaret has three of them: Río Azul, Río Manatí and Río Maya. Each river will take you to a different part of the park where you will discover incredible places. The Xplor river will take you through million-year-old rock formations hidden beneath the soil while swimming in its crystal-clear waters.

underground rivers in xcaret

7.- Discover the depths with Power Xnorkel 

We are sure that this activity can become the favorite of your entire trip. With Power Snorkel you can explore one of the Xel-Há inlets using a modern Seabob to propel you through the water. If you decide to live this adventure, you will practically become a fish on the water!

Power snorkel new activity Xel-Ha

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8.- Have fun in the most incredible waterslides of the Riviera Maya 

What do Xel-Há and Xenses have in common? Both have extraordinary waterslides where you and your family can have fun. The Scenic Lighthouse of Xel-Há is 130 feet high with the best 360° views of the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea. Besides, you can descend through four exciting waterslides! The waterslide in Xenses is 296 feet long and it’s part of the activities of the Path of Doing where you can also walk through an amazing Town and fly like a bird on the Bird Flight.

Snorkeling, waterslides, Sea Trek and many more family-friendly water activities you can do in Cancún and Riviera Maya besides going to the beach.

9.- Hammock Splash 

In addition to being able to relax in a hammock, Xplor discovered that you can also have fun in it and invented the Hammock Splash. This is one of the activities that everyone can do as a family in the park. Remember that in order to perform it you must wear your helmet at all times so you can have fun safely.

Xplor zipline

10.- Having fun flying in ziplines 

If you belong to an adventurous family, this water activities should be on your list of things to do. In Xplor and Xenotes there are zip-lines where flying over the jungle or cenotes is only part of the fun. They will test your adventurous spirit to walk trails, climb towers and fly through the skies until they reach the water in the most fun of splashes.

Xenotes water zipline

This list was so complete that we cannot wait for your family to be encouraged to live all these activities.

If you think we need to add new water activities leave us your comments for an upcoming family travel blog.

10 water activities to enjoy with your family