Dare to do things for the first time!

Be brave and explore the world

Have you realized that you only have one chance to do things for the first time? It’s overwhelming if you think about it every day! But, relax, you just need to make a few chances to have great experiences in your life.

If you make little changes every day, life will have a different and fantastic surprise for you, some of them will turn into your daily routine, and that’s ok, we all need a little bit of order. But we also need incredible and new adventures to live in!

Do you remember the first time you saw the sea? Or how about making something that was scary and then realized that it was not frightening at all. Well, all of those incredible memories can be created if you dare to do something new. Here you have 9 first times that you will remember forever!

1.- The first time you saw the sea

9 first things that you will remember forever
Tristan Higbee

I bet you will never forget the first time that you visited a beach and saw the immensity of the sea. It has some kind of magic which can relax you and marvel you just by looking at it. Do you realize that it’s an entirely different world than the one we live in? It is so amazing just to think about that! And of course, you will remember it forever.

2.- The first time that you counted more than 20 stars in the sky

9 first things that you will remember forever
El Coleccionista de instantes

The stars are there, in the sky, all the time, but we can’t see them because of the luminosity pollution, contamination and a lot of other factors that make it really difficult. But once you’re out of the big city and travel somewhere less crowded with few lights, you’ll see the magic of the sky and understand why our ancestors gave the stars so much importance.

3.- The first time you do something adventurous

Xplor Park

Feeling fear is reasonable, but you can’t let the fear control you and limit you on doing new and incredible things. Usually, extreme situations to make you feel fear, listen to your instinct, but just a little bit, then do whatever you want to and remember it forever.

4.- The first time you get in touch with our ancestors.

9 first times that you will remember forever
Xichen Tours

Reading about our ancestors and how they lived and what they believed in is fantastic and exciting. Usually, it helps us to understand a lot of things about our behavior. But one thing is to read on books or google it, another thing is actually to visit an archeological site where people lived thousands of years ago. It is something that you will remember forever.

5.- The first time you travel alone

Steven Vance

Traveling alone is an experience that you will remember forever, you get to know yourself in ways that never before or in any other situation you could. It forces you to deal with your fears, and new and different challenges every second. Definitely, something you have to do at least one time in your life.

6.- The first time you sleep in a tent

9 first times that you will remember forever
Christian Collins

It sounds like nothing, but believe me, it’s a whole new experience. For starters, if you want to camp, for sure, it will be far away from the city, so prepare yourself for new sounds like crickets, and many other animals.

Once you’re familiar with the new noises, the stars will be unforgettable and then, the sunrise from your tent is something that you will remember forever. Waking up with the first sun rays and then see how everything gets little by little the sunlight and takes its color is incredible.

7.- The first time you travel with your couple

Marco Verch

Traveling with your couple is fantastic and something to remember forever. Visit a new place together, discover incredible landscapes and a lot of first times will keep in your mind forever and, for sure, this will be the beginning of a lot more.

8.- The first time you defeat one of your fears

9 first times that you will remember forever
Xenses Park

Deal with the darkness or hights or any other fear is a big challenge for everybody, but once you do it it’s unforgettable, and you will remember forever the feeling of success and adrenaline of defeating something that you have never done before.

9.- The first time you visited a new country

Andrés Nieto Porras

Getting out of the place you’ve lived your whole life is something to remember forever. That feeling immerses yourself in a completely different culture with a different language will stay with you forever.

What other thing are you sure that you’ll remember forever? Write it in the comments!