Have some fun with good company!

Share Unforgettable Experiences With Your Partner

Why not changing the routine? A day at the Riviera Maya in a park called Xenses where adventure and fun are offered, and the best of all is that you’ll leave your cellphones behind and will just simply give each other company, from water activities to a delicious meal and time to relax.

To start this fun day, do not forget to bring towels, flip-flops, the most comfortable outfit, which could be shorts and a fresh t-shirt. You guys could also bring a waterproof camera to record your experience that will last approximately 2 hours and a half. If you want to repeat the activities and take your time inside the park, go ahead.


I recommend you to start be leaving all your things in the fantastic place where you will find your lockers [a place funnier than it sounds] leave all your belongings in the number you have on your bracelet and then go to the Pinwheel. This is the central place where you will discover super cool stuff, from souvenirs to corners full of colors, then try to follow the arrows to the Town, the Slip, the Xpa and my favorite part… the Xensatorium.

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From the beginning to the end everything is laughter and fun. You will have an incredible time if you enjoy every detail and surprise that is inside this park. You will help each other take pictures from every corner until then you can rest after in a hammock.

The essential and inevitable thing is to have a child attitude in and the mood to have a good time, lose fear together in any activity that shows up, because at the end your partner will wait for you and support you no matter what, right?

Besides, the best of all is that you can go at your own rhythm, no rush, no pressure, and the good news is that you can do the activities all the times you like! If you want, you will be able to share a snack in the middle of the day, and the best of sharing is that the food is excellent.

Just like there are special events between you, this experience will be something different and besides remembering everything you did was fun, all these moments will remain in your mind. These stories will keep wonderful memories. Because at the end of the day you will be able to share each other’s perspectives of what happened at the park and that will be totally worth it.


In this video, you will see 2.45 minutes of what is waiting for you at the park

Are you ready to live a different experience together?

Let us know which was your favorite part!