Stop the world; I need a break

Relax in a spa out of this planet: Xenses Xpa

When was the last time you pampered yourself? If you can’t remember is because you probably need a good rest day, and Xenses Xpa is the perfect place to do so. Discover all the activities you can live in this amazing Park of the Riviera Maya and start planning your next visit!

Float in Riverlaxing

Close your eyes, extend your arms and let go with the soothing tranquility of floating on a river in which you can’t sink. Riverlaxing components are Epsom Salts which will help you recover all the magnesium you lose because of stress. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for heel cramps and body pain.

Exfoliate in Sludgerie

Here you will not only relax, but you’ll also have fun as a child. Bentonite is the main compound of this river of mud, a clay of natural origin that has been used since ancient times thanks to its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Its mineral components will help you exfoliate and tone your skin. In the end, your will feel as soft as a baby!

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Refresh in the rain 

After a good mud bath, what better way to renew your energy and refresh yourself than with a little rain? A tunnel with delicious droplets that come from all sides and will get you wet from head to toe. Saunter, and enjoy the purifying properties of water.

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Renew yourself in the Xauna

Now it’s time to take a deep breath and walk through the Xauna, one of the oldest methods for skin cleansing. It will also help eliminate toxins and relieve pain in all your joints and muscles. Enjoy every step of this natural steam bath, and feel the sensation of relaxation in every part of your body.

Take a break in The Breather

Finally, give your body a break by laying down in one of our hammocks. We assure you that you will be so relaxed after having done the circuit of Xenses Xpa that you’ll end up sleeping deeply.

Which of these activities would you like to do the more?