Surprise your partner this February 14th with romantic ideas

 There is no force more powerful than love, even in difficult times

The year 2020 was a test in many aspects of life as we know it. We had to distance ourselves, we took shelter and we had to learn to do things in a new way include romantic ideas due to the sanitary conditions that prevented us from being together in the same physical space. Yet we searched for solutions with the new normality for a slow but sure return.

The month of February has started and with it a very significant date in Mexico, on the 14th the “day of love and friendship” is celebrated, as well as in other countries in which it is customary to give gifts, prepare something special for couples, so we wanted to bring you 5 ideas to celebrate love in times of COVID.

5romantic ideas dinner with your partner on Valentine´s day


A picnic combines two beautiful ideas: having a nice day outside and eating something delicious. During this time it is difficult to be surrounded by people, such as in a restaurant, so if you like nature and something unique is a good choice. 

 romantic ideas on Valentine´s day with your partner

Its preparation is simple, just choose a fabric to sit, prepare food and choose a space. In many countries, Mexico included, there are parks, places with green areas or beaches that have a free entrance. Just don’t forget that when you finish eating, put on your mask again and use the antibacterial gel before ingesting the food.


romantic ideas picnic with your partner on Valentine´s day

If you live in a place where the safe return is not yet a possibility, you can also have a picnic at home. Food and quality time is what’s important on this day.


2.Mini cinema

If you don’t find an open space to have a date, you can have it in a car. For this romantic idea, move the seats and display fabrics so you can create a little movie theatre with the help of a laptop. Download your favourite movie and spend a moment that you’ll remember.

5 romantic ideas mini cinema on Valentine´s day

Don’t forget to prepare snacks or your favourite food, pizza in my personal opinion is always a good choice. You can give it a unique touch with decorations like flowers or pillows, just remember to choose a place where it is safe to be able to stay a long time.

3.Romantic dinner

Many restaurants have decided to open with all the security measures such as the use of face masks, separated tables and access to menus from your cell phone. A traditional date is always nice and romantic idea but remember to book your space to avoid having bad experiences. Choose a restaurant which is to your liking, that has a nice place where you can take photos to remember the moment.

romantic ideas - romantic idea on Valentine´s day

The same can apply to those who are still at home. Prepare their favourite dinner, decorate with candles, change your pyjamas and enjoy your day with the person you chose to love.

4.Bicycle tour

A bicycle tour is one of the most romantic ideas that you can think of. Aside from the fact that it’s something that respects the distance, it allows you to observe and take pictures. Besides, you can make it more fun by planning a tour in beautiful places, and also making clues that your partner can follow.

romantic ideas -Surprise your partner on Valentine's Day with romantic ideas  - bicycle tour

When planning your stops, remember things that have a meaning for you or your partner that is a romantic idea. It is all up to you and how you decide to approach the idea.

5.Video call

Although we would love for everyone to be able to go out and meet their loved ones, it is known that some are still far away. It would be a nice detail to have a video call date.

Decorate a background and prepare food that you both have as a favourite. There are also many online games like Kahoot in which you don’t need to be in the same space to have a good time or watch a movie in sync after dinner.

5 romantic ideas video call february on Valentine´s day

We have all witnessed last year’s difficulties but we must not forget that we must challenge ourselves. Life cannot stop, affection, love and happiness are things that we all deserve and from which we must never walk away. Always remember that actions and intentions are meaningful, time is the most valuable thing you can give someone.

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Have you made any of these ideas?

We hope you have a day full of love and happiness 

5 romantic ideas for february 14 pin