Here’s how to enjoy a great day outdoors

Elements for a Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer is just around the corner and the best thing to do to celebrate it is to go out, relax, enjoy your natural surroundings and have a delicious meal. So, let’s start planning! Here I present you with 6 elements every summer picnic must have:


Whether  you live in a big city, a small village or a beach town, I’m sure there’s an ideal spot to have a picnic. It doesn’t matter if its in your backyard, a park, the forest, a beach, in the middle of the jungle or even on rooftop with a nice view. The thing that matters is that it is an inspirational place where you can forget everything and let your mind rest for a while.


Perfect Outfit

Once you pick the scenery you’ll have to select the outfit that will go with it. Summer is all about shorts, skirts, tank tops and bathing suits, bring something comfortable enough to lay down. A pair of sunglasses will make you shine!


Food & Drinks

Now this is my favorite part, there’s no good picnic without a nice selection of food and drinks. Let’s say you chose to be at the beach, then I suggest you take a couple of beers or white wine, fresh fruits and a sandwich, sounds good huh? However, if you’d like to have a picnic in the middle of the jungle, then my suggestion would be to change the white wine for a red one, and how about a mediterranean sandwich? For dessert, a chocolate brownie!



So now that you know what you’re gonna eat, what else is in your basket? Make sure to bring a big blanket, napkins, plastic cups, plastic plates, and please a trash bag! We don’t want any waste to go straight into nature!



Well the idea is to listen to the sounds of nature of course, but a little bit of music wouldn’t hurt, right? Maybe you can bring some wireless speakers to set a romantic atmosphere. Which bring me to the last and most important element in a picnic…


Significant Other

Sometimes this can be a cliché, but let’s face it, what’s a picnic without your significant other? It’s going to be even better if you surprise your special person with it! So enjoy, watch the sunset and let me know how was it.


Bonus: Remember that in some outdoor places, the jungle or a forest, it is very likely to find mosquitoes or bees, I recommed taking bug repellent, preferably biodegradable, so these won’t ruin the moment.

Have you ever prepared a picnic? What did you take? Share your summer picnic pictures with the hashtag #Xenotes.