A walk that will challenge your senses

Seeing Beyond Sight

Can you imagine not being able to use your sense of sight? Not being able to observe the colors of nature? How about starting to perceive everything with the rest of your body? Your hands, your ears, your feet, your nose, your skin, your mouth. This time, I invite you to join me in a walk through the Xensatorium, where your sense of sight will be turned off to make way for the rest of your senses. Follow me and discover my thoughts while walking through the Xensatorium.

Thoughts while walking through the Xensatorium

What is this activity about? I don’t know.

They call it Xensatorium, and they say that it will awaken the rest of my senses, but I’m a little scared.

The darkness makes me afraid.

Will it be cold?

Will it be hot?

Is this the entrance to the Xensatorium?

It’s dark, am I in the activity already?

There is the exit, I guess it was just a teaser.

There is the sign.

Thoughts while walking through the Xensatorium

I don’t want to take off my shoes.

Who’s gonna be watching me?  

Why can’t I enter with a companion?

Will it be as dark as they say?

What if I step in a hole and fall down?

What if I can’t find the exit?

Will there be animals inside?

This is the entrance, I’m scared.

Thoughts while walking through the Xensatorium

Well, let’s do this. I hope I don’t have to be rescued and make it to the end of the journey?

Why are people coming back?

Well, I’m about to enter the Xensatorium, there is no going back.

The path is narrow.

It’s completely dark, I can’t see a thing.

Just reminding myself to keep my hands in front of me at all times.

I hear steps, is someone behind me?

I feel water on my feet and something soft, could it be sand?

I like the breeze, I think I’m walking on the beach.

I feel the palm trees touching my face, it feels good.

What happened? I’m entering into a kind of swamp.

I hear frogs and crickets, are they close?

There are many plants touching my body.

Now there is a lot of breeze, I feel the cold air freezing up my cheeks.

I feel like I’m walking on a mountain.

There is a bridge, Do I have to cross it?

What is this? I think I’m crossing a small river.

Omg, the water is so cold!

My feet are freezing, hope this is the end.

Now it’s hot, the air is warm.

The path feels dry.

The wall is rocky, like in a volcano.

Now I’m walking like on a regular floor.

Have I finished the walk? But it’s still dark.

I can see a weak light, I will follow it.

I can hear footsteps and laughter.

Finally, I can see!

I hear a song and I like it.

I think the walk hasn’t finished yet. But I can see!

I finished the journey through the Xensatorium, what a beautiful place!

Thoughts while walking through the Xensatorium

And here I am, in front of a little paradise. Surrounded by waterfalls, flamingos, and macaws, everything feels so peaceful and full of life.

It was an amazing experience. Surely, the rest of the activities will be out of this world too. If you are curious you can read the rest of them here: What To Expect From Xenses Park?

I want to come back soon!