Inhale the future, exhale the past

Inspire your soul with Paddle Yoga


Take time to do what makes your soul happy! 

Yoga is a meditative and spiritual practice as much as it is a physical one. It’s perfect to create a healthy mind-body connection and makes your soul happy. A while ago there has been a tendency for carrying out of the practice of yoga on a paddle board. Here are some steps to help you attain all of the benefits of a yoga practice in the sea: 


Almost 60% of our bodies are made of water: embrace its power and connect with this element. When practicing activities like Paddle Yoga, you do both, an awesome core workout and a moving meditation. 


Prepare yourself to try something new!

No matter how experienced you are as a yoga practitioner, taking your practice to the water is a new and different experience. The unstable surface of the water invites everyone to connect deeply with their breath and engage small stabilizers muscles for balance. Don’t let that stop you! If you can stand on one foot, you can balance and paddle. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. 



Look comfortable!

There is no better pledge to practice yoga that a big smile and desire to connect with nature. Cotton clothing gets heavy when wet, so avoid it and opt for dry-fit yoga apparel instead. You can rock a bikini or if you prefer, wear board shorts and tank or tee that can be removed to get some sun. Protect from the sun: use biodegradable sunscreen and a hat if necessary.


Falling is part of the fun!

All kinds of postures are possible on the board! Learning to fall with grace is a great way to go further in your practice. If you’re willing you test the boundaries of your comfort zone, may surprise yourself when you make different positions on your paddle board when falling, be careful to fall away from the board to avoid injury. Would you dare to make this position?


The wind is calling!

The Wind is the major enemy of stand up paddle boarding: your body acts like a sail in the wind. Correct paddle yoga techniques will help you recruit the large muscles of the upper back, and also teach you how to paddle into a headwind. Just know this: if the wind picks up, drop down to your knees up on your paddle. Reducing the surface area of your body will lower the wind resistance and enable you to get back to your launch site with ease.


Flow with the energy of the sea! 

So relax! Let yourself be playful as you explore movement and balance. Breathe deeply, filling your lungs with fresh air and absorb the beauty of your natural surroundings. You can laugh in the middle of class, or get distracted by the passing clouds. When floating on a paddleboard, stability comes from relaxation and the willingness to let the body move with the water. Slow down, breathe, and allow yourself to be fully immersed in the beauty of the present moment.


Paddle yoga has allowed me to see nature in a new light. This experience teaches you that nature is one of the greatest masters; so you must ready to listen and learn. After playfully exploring variations of poses and creating a connection with the water and board, it is time to rest.


Would you dare to practice this new way of doing yoga? Share your experience with us.