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These are the best places to visit in the Mexican Caribbean.

We all agree that traveling is in our top 3 favorite things to do, and when it comes to traveling as a couple, it gets even more exciting because you can build stronger bonds with the person you love. There is nothing more pleasing than spending more than a day together, discovering new places, living new experiences, and learning more about the site or from each other. These places for an ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple are the best gift from me.

Whenever we see photos or videos of a certain destination, we start dreaming about the experience of a trip to this place with our favorite person. We immediately share these photos and videos to her or him and start planning the best trip together.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most famous destinations to travel with your couple because of its sea, beaches, marvelous colors, incredible sunsets, and a very tropical environment to get out of the routine! That’s why today, I’m bringing this list of places for you to discover together.

Isla Mujeres

Reaching this small island in the Mexican Caribbean is an unbelievable experience, crossing the sea from Cancun while enjoying the breeze on your face and the sun, the best choice to enjoy a relaxing weekend. This place has incredible views with the best sunrises and sunsets that you can appreciate in Punta Sur and Playa Norte.

 Ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple-isla mujeres sunset

The turquoise tones of the sea and the sunsets will make you want to be there forever. At night, there is a very romantic ambiance with lights in the streets, restaurants with live music, and souvenirs that you can get with your travel partner.


In Puerto Morelos, La Ruta de los Cenotes is a long way into the jungle, a fun area where you can enjoy more than one cenote on the same day.


If you like adrenaline, nature and are looking to disconnect from the world, this tour is perfect for you. You will be able to visit four different cenotes together, each one with activities that you can share with your one and only. Among them, you’ll find yourselves rowing together in a kayak, choosing a different position to jump off the zip lines, sliding one after the other down a waterslide, and snorkeling while photographing the underwater flora of the cenotes.

So, you know, being surrounded by nature is the best environment to spend a day together.

Playa del Carmen

Have fun day and night, dance, sing, and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya. 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen is that place where you can spend different fun times throughout the day. Full of shopping malls for an afternoon of shopping, with a large number of restaurants with different kinds of food so you can choose your favorite.

Ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple.-Playa del Carmen couple
Valentin Maya Photo

At night, nightclubs are the perfect plan to enjoy an unforgettable night with your partner. A few steps away is the beach, with a relaxed atmosphere and tourists sharing the same feeling: enjoying life while having a refreshing drink and listening to music.


They say that if you don’t know the culture of the place you went to, then you didn’t travel. In Tulum, you will discover the Maya culture wonders admiring the Papantla Flyers dance while waiting together for the tourist bus that will take you to live one of the best experiences in its ancient archaeological site and visit the handicraft shops.

Ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple-archaeological zone tulum

I highly recommend to visit the entire area and enjoy the Caribbean climate on the beach.

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Coba has the adventure that you need! In this place, you will be able to cycle the paths in the immensity of the Maya jungle to reach every corner of this archaeological zone. There is a whole world to discover in that deep jungle.

Ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple-Nohoch Mul Coba
Sin Postal Photo

There is nothing better than achieving goals together with the person you love, like reaching the top of Nohoch Mul. Without a doubt, this place will leave you impressed, each step is worthwhile.


The best moment of the trip is always when you arrive at Xcaret because it has everything. It is a magical place where Maya culture, love of nature, and Mexican traditions breathe at the same time. To make your trip even more complete and take the best memories of the Mexican Caribbean, you have to visit this park in the Riviera Maya. There are many activities to do, so I recommend you plan ahead and prepare your itinerary well to enjoy all of it.


The tours on the rivers become romantic when you go with your favorite person, sharing the delicious food of its restaurants with the musical atmosphere is an incomparable experience. If you get creative, this place will help you get the dreamiest photos on the beach.

Walking through the corners of the park and observing the fauna and flora of Mexico is one of the best ways of learning as a couple. And finally, living together the experience of the different shows will make you love Mexico even more. I assure you that once you have visited this place, it will always be on your list of places to which you have to return for an ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean.


Finally, one of my favorite stops is Bacalar. Before starting to tell you why you and your partner should visit this place, it is essential to mention that you must carry a camera with enough memory because it is the favorite place for couples to have the most romantic photos. This small destination has everything you need to have an unforgettable weekend.

seven colors lagoon
@nickseklecki Photo

The famous seven colors lagoon is the first thing I recommend to visit, delve into its warm and clear waters, then take a sand bath and feel the breeze all over your body. In the afternoon you will be able to eat the best seafood in one of the many local restaurants there and tour the central park. Buy a soda or an ice cream and see one of the starriest skies, ideal for a romantic evening. Never forgetting about culture, the fort of San Felipe has a museum inside so that you can learn about the place’s history.

Now that you know everything you have to visit, prepare your best playlist, put together your itinerary so that you can fulfill the dream of sharing the experience of touring one of the best places in the world, with this ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean.

Ideal road trip in the Mexican Caribbean for those traveling as a couple

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