Exploring Sustainable Luxury: Hotel Xcaret Arte and its Green Hospitality

February 07, 2024

Read about the actions that have earned Hotel Xcaret Arte, Muluk Spa, and xaak Restaurant five Sustainable Luxury Awards. 

Let's start by talking about sustainable luxury, which has now emerged as a lifestyle leader committed to the planet's well-being and responding to growing environmental and social awareness. With sustainability at its core, luxury has evolved to reflect the values of travelers and businesses, seeking options that contribute to a more sustainable world.

The Sustainable Luxury Awards emerge as a critical recognition, transparently informing about sustainable luxury options and marking a significant step towards conscious consumption.


Sustainable Luxury Awards: A Global Recognition

These awards are not just accolades but a testament to commitment and excellence in delivering high-quality services with sustainable practices. They validate the quality of products and services and ensure that a genuine commitment to sustainability backs every luxury experience.

On this occasion, we are very proud to share that Hotel Xcaret Arte has been recognized with a total of 5 awards, including three at the national level, one at the continental level, and one at the regional, in various categories:

● Hotel Xcaret Arte: Most Sustainable Luxury Beach Hotel - Country 

● Hotel Xcaret Arte: Most Sustainable Luxury Cultural Hotel - Country 

● Hotel Xcaret Arte: Most Sustainable Luxury Seaside Hotel - Country 

● xaak: Most Sustainable Luxury Mexican Restaurant - Continent 

● Muluk Spa: Most Sustainable Luxury Traditional Spa - Region

Sustainability at Xcaret

As part of our commitment at Xcaret to driving a tourism industry aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and our Sustainability Model, all our experiences are deeply rooted in respect for nature, culture, and life. We draw inspiration from the respectful and natural connection with our roots and the authentic Mexican spirit.

At Xcaret, we offer luxury experiences and seek to preserve and celebrate our heritage, creating a harmonious balance between modern splendor and our rich traditions.

1.- Mexican Handcrafted Artworks

Hotel Xcaret Arte is considered a multiplier platform for Mexican art. Every corner is adorned with the work of Mexican artisans, contributing to the sustainable, economic, and social development of local communities.   

Most of the amenities in each room are crafted by artisans belonging to indigenous communities. Here, we share details of the origins of some of them.

- The shampoo, cream, and soap are from Mérida, Yucatán.
- The decorative baskets are from Tlamacazapa, Guerrero.
- The embroidered cushions are from San Andrés Larráizar, Chiapas.
- The handmade sweets come from Cancún, Quintana Roo.
- The mosaics decorating the room were crafted by talented artisans from Yucatán.
- The handmade hammocks result from the joint work of over 500 indigenous families from Yucatán.
- The woven pictures on the walls bear the name of the community where they were created: Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo.
- There are around 5,000 Talavera items originating from municipalities in Puebla.

Additionally, the nest lamps illuminating my suite were skillfully crafted by hands in the process of social reintegration, now turned artisans of the Don Dimas Foundation in Cancún, Quintana Roo.

Here are some videos of the process behind the artisanal works of Hotel Xcaret Arte.


Every corner of Hotel Xcaret Arte tells a unique story and contributes to the beautiful artisanal diversity of Mexico.

2.- Eco-Integrated Architecture

One unique aspect of the Xcaret Hotels is how the rooms blend with nature, including rivers, cenotes, and jungle. During the construction of the hotels, 80% of the trees and plants moved were carefully relocated to other areas of the Group, reaffirming the commitment to eco-integrated architecture and creating a construction that harmoniously and responsibly integrates design with nature.

3.- EarthCheck Certification

Furthermore, the hotels hold the Planning and Design certification from EarthCheck, a leading firm in accreditation and assessment for the sustainable travel and tourism sector.

Specific sustainable actions of Muluk Spa

Muluk Spa is a space designed to make you feel one with nature and in total harmony with yourself. The spa's main sustainable action is eliminating up to 90% of the use of paper and plastic. In addition, it offers treatments developed in collaboration with a supplier with the European B Corp certification, awarded to 100% sustainable companies and leaders in the balance between economic development and environmental responsibility, achieving a positive impact on the immediate surroundings. 

Muluk Spa i
Muluk Spa

Specific sustainable actions of Restaurant Xaak

Xaak is considered the culinary jewel of Hotel Xcaret Arte, where you will experience a unique reinterpretation of pre-Hispanic cuisine by chefs Alejandro Ruiz, Roberto Solís, Paco Méndez, and Jonathan Gómez Luna.

Diners enjoy a nine-course menu highlighting local, fresh, and organic ingredients that blend flavors and culinary techniques from the coastal regions of Oaxaca and the Yucatán Peninsula.

Xaak balances innovation and homage by incorporating international elements for a unique gastronomic experience paired by the expert in-house sommelier, Sandra Fernández.

Specific sustainable actions of Restaurant Xaak
Specific sustainable actions of Restaurant Xaak

Experience a luxurious lifestyle in sustainable places like Xcaret, endorsed by the Sustainable Luxury Awards. By embracing sustainability, you not only enjoy luxury but also contribute to the creation of a more conscious and equitable world. Together, let's raise the standard of luxury towards a more sustainable future!

Learn more about the hotel on our website: https://www.hotelxcaretarte.com/en/ 

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