Dear oarsmen

We wish you unity, vitality, strenght

“The first glimmers of a new day announce it is time to part. We are ready. “

With only days away from Sacred Mayan Journey, close to 300 oarsmen are preparing to row across the ocean and recreate an ancient tradition. For months, these men and women have prepared physically and mentally for their journey that seeks to rescue and preserve the ancient Mayan traditions with effort and dedication.

“We are blessed. We have placed our offerings to the sea. “


On behalf of the community, we wish you unity, vitality, strength.

@ _LittleUnicorn: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is KANANTABA ‘EX (Take care).”
@ VioletaSolorzan: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is VITALITY.”

@ Orpancriss: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is UNION.”
@ Ladymysterio: I hope that the oarsmen enjoy the ride to the fullest and be filled with inner PEACE.”

@ IttsRoseGarden: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is HARMONY.”
@ _NasseCartel: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is STRENGTH.”

@ Yaaz84: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is AWARENESS.”
@ JIvanMR: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is HOPE.”

@ Pepemickey: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is MUUK ‘.”
@ Ingmoedano: “My wish for the oarsmen of the #MayanJourneyXcaret in a word is LOVE.”


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Gabriela Laurii: “Oarsmen with warrior spirit who give body and soul to achieve this goal and venerate the goddess mother of the Mayan culture, Ixchel. You are a symbol of what effort, commitment and teamwork means. I wish you well on your journey and hope that you can share your experiences with all of us to venture out and experience the magnificent sacred Mayan journey. See you soon!”

Ann Tenorioo: Xi`ic Utz (Maya language which translates as “have a good journey”)

Mike Garcia: Be one with the sea, for every row a wave will take you forward


Dear fellow oarsmen
Sacred Mayan Journey 9 – Arianna Bañuelos.

This issue is dedicated to you. After a brief meditation, I’ve thought that there are few words that can describe that exact moment when our souls met. This journey in life is so short, that we soon find ourselves surprised to be at the finish line and perfect the fleeting looks that will be plastered in photo albums and stories that will live in our memories.

Before that happens and we have successfully completed our reason for fighting, I want to thank each of you the confidence to begin our journey; remind you that you have planted a seed, a badge that is written across your forehead and stitched in your heart.

Thank you because you also form part of my reason for fighting. I hope we can light up our hearts and row with the voice of the Earth and the Sea. I hope that we find in the sun, the reflection of the universe’s embrace for mankind; that our fears become opportunities for change. With each movement of the ocean, I hope that we can understand the duality of life, in constant action to reflect and grow. I hope that we find God, who has belonged to us since infancy and the elder that will fill us with wisdom. I wish that our souls will be together for the next hours to turn to the sky, the universe and love each other like brothers and sisters.


Thank you because no matter what happens, each of you will set your life as an example and will feel worthy of your spiritual gifts. Each of you has given something very valuable from the start. All together, we are one body. I wish you blessings and peace for the journey. We are ready… to leave once and for all for sea. We are water and to water we will return.

For more information on the Sacred Maya Journey, visit the official page.

What is your wish for our oarsmen?